Diwali Is Here!

My dear brothers, sisters and friends,

There are festivals and celebrations and then there is Diwali. It is here and I am here to wish you all a very Happy Diwali. I wish you and your family have a good time and may this festival be the start of good times for you all. That said let us look at various themes that make Diwali a special festival. I am sure you are excited to tag along and as that’s the case, let us go for it.

Happy Diwali [Nov 13]

Indians all over the world celebrate this festival with full vigor. It is the festival that brings families together and this is the festival that the kids love the most. They plan for days before on the fireworks and clothing list. The women of the house make sure that the sweets are in plenty for the festival to come. Diyas are lit and the houses look bright and beautiful even in the night.

It is religious too with the worshipping of the Goddess and on this joyous occasion I once again wish you all a very Happy Diwali!

Fireworks [Nov 13]

If there are no fireworks, Diwali will lose its sheen. Fireworks are almost mandatory in most households and as mentioned before, the kids make the fireworks list way before the festival. Every family has different budgets and therefore, there are lot of deletions and additions to the count. Some lean towards hard crackers where the noise level will damage the ear while some go for soft crackers, which are generally the ones that light up the sky in various ways.

Whatever be the choice, the fireworks on a Diwali is unlike any other.

Business Greetings [Nov 13]

In business every occasion is an excuse to build a good rapport and Diwali is no exception. You can send the Business Greeting cards that we have designed especially for business folk and make a name for yourself in your niche community.

It could be your customers or your colleagues at work. Works both ways these cards. When you send these cards it becomes a gesture that allows you to score some brownie points.

Make the most of it and get closer to the people whom you want to be close to.

Family [Nov 13]

Diwali will not be such a joyous occasion if you want to spend it alone bursting firecrackers. The fun of Diwali is in being with the family; one big happy family is what this festival is all about. The love that is shared between the loved ones makes this festival a special one.

Kids and elders coming together and standing on the streets watching alike families all around with smiles… That is the moment God smiles upon us.

Celebrate with gusto but be safe while you are at it.

Think about that.

Take care,

Editor Bob

Diwali 2015 [Nov 11]

Send Fireworks Greetings!
Send Fireworks Greetings!

Diwali 2015 [Nov 11]

Send Diwali Business Greetings!
Send Diwali Business Greetings!

Diwali 2015 [Nov 11]

Send Family Greetings!
Send Family Greetings!

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