Day of the Wise – World Turtle Day!

My dear brothers, sisters and friends,

You know what is the most important reaction one expects when one shares love? Reciprocation! That is what it is. When I write you newsletters and blogs with all my heart, I expect a comment or reply back. When you gift or kiss your beloved, you expect a peck or full blown kiss back. That is how it is. The joy of giving is only exceeded by the joy of being reciprocated. That said let us take a look at the events and emotions of the week…

World Turtle Day [May 23]

Name a living being that is wise, infinitely patient and lives hundreds of years? Yes, the turtle. It has seen generations and all kinds of disasters wreaked by human beings, but it lets it all pass and lives in its own world. There is a lot to learn from these patient creatures.

That is the reason there is a day celebrating them – World Turtle Day. Apart from awareness of not to hurt, but preserve these wonderful beings, we also celebrate the turtles themselves for being what they are. We have designed quite a few cards keeping that in mind and you can send them around and bring a smile in your loved one’s face.

While at it, you can subtly educate them about the attributes of the turtle and what we can learn from them.

Full Moon Day [May 25]

When the moon shines bright and plays hide and seek with the clouds on a full moon day, all I can think of is Aaliyah.

There is something romantic about that full moon. It makes me go nostalgic sometimes and sometimes completely romantic. There is no way I am devoid of emotion on such a day. It has this funny way of poking at the heart and pulling the strings and transporting me to a world I haven’t been hitherto.

Nature in its many forms reminds us of moments that we have missed ourselves. Full Moon Day is such a day. It turns the pages of my life and picks out random happy moments that I have always wanted to see.

Hope this day does this to you too.

Cute Cards

We have a section called cute cards, you know that right? You know the reason why we have devised such a section? See, jus’ like any other card in our site, this one too is populated with cards that are designed to make you and the receiver smile, but again here the difference is you would get to see characters on the card that are cute and without even the words accompanying it, you would break into a smile.

There are teddies, kittens and the smiley characters themselves. Sometimes there are pets and then there are the cute copies themselves.

Browse through and choose the one that suits your palate and send them across.


The joy of success is only exceeded by the joy of words spoken about your success. Recognition is important and sometimes as important as success itself. That is why the phrase “Congratulations are in order!” when the word of success is being announced.

A pat on the back sometimes equals a thousand inspirational speeches at work. A quiet note of recognition by your boss is infinitely larger than any paycheck you may receive.

Such is the power of acknowledgement and appreciation. Be sure to pat when you see a sign of success in someone you care for.

Take care,

Editor Bob

Full Moon Day 2015 [Nov 25]

Send Full Moon Day Greetings!
Send Full Moon Day Greetings!

Cute Cards

Send Cute Cards Greetings!
Send Cute Cards Greetings!


Send Congratulations Greetings!
Send Congratulations Greetings!

5 thoughts on “Day of the Wise – World Turtle Day!

  1. Good Afternoon Editor Bob: (:

    Oh My! I had no idea that you were a such a beautiful and caring person. Now I know better. I have been reading your blog off and on throughout the year. Sometimes your Newsletters just don’t arrive in my email account. I just search for it on the internet.

    I truly enjoy reading all of your blogs. You are truly a remarkable and beautiful man. Love your blogs about the love of your life..Aaliyah. Isn’t love grand? I am truly happy that you found someone so beautiful to love and reciprocates in kind. See, I love that word also!! Do forgive me for not writing sooner. I shall from this day forth write you whenever I read your blogs.

    God Bless You Always Young man,

    Carolyn (:

  2. I’ve been reading your News Letters regularly and I truly love the way you put the topics in the right perspective. Thanks for reminding about the missing ‘peck’. Not intentional for sure!

  3. Writing from Nancy, France : As you ask for it, I answer this time, but everytime I appreciate your letter… Warmly,

  4. Thank you BOB very much for your newsletter. You are inspiring! I wish I could write English better so I can say to you all the good I think and I feel reading your words! Thank you!

    Take care !


  5. Hi Bob Hope you have a good day .Thankyou for your news letter and the lovely cards that are on line for me to chose from keep up the good work go and give those near and dear to you hugg yours lynne

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