Dance, Cuddle and Have Fun!

My dear brothers, sisters and friends,

Every minute is different from another, every day is stranger than yesterday and every week past is history. There is hope only in the future. Let’s look forward.

Hop on.

Mardi Gras [Feb 21]

What’s the synonym of fun, happiness and frolic? Mardi Gras!

Yes, that’s what it is. The scene was set for the good people of the world to groove to the rhythms of pulsating tracks. Steve was there with his fake tattoos and eye masks. He wore a shiny blazer and burned the floor with moves that would make legends of the yore shy.

What’s with Steve and the dance floor, I wonder. He loves it to the hilt. Maybe this… he is this geek who lives in a world where he and his computer are the two people around. He converses less as he doesn’t find what he seeks in humans. All his emotions that are packed and accumulated goes for a free wild run when he hits the floor because dance doesn’t need language nor a conversation.

It is all about emotions and waking up an animal within that goes wild with license.

It’s time you let that animal out to graze. Go out and have fun this Mardi Gras!

Cuddle Day 2016 [Feb 25]

Send Cuddle Day Greetings!

Send Cuddle Day Greetings!


Send Anniversary Greetings!

Send Anniversary Greetings!


Send Birthday Greetings!

Send Birthday Greetings!

Cuddle Day [Feb 25]

I think this day was invented by a desperate lover. Who else would need one more excuse to cuddle with his or her partner but not a lover?!
Whoever that was, Sir/Madam, please take a bow!

I used this fantastic excuse of a day to cuddle with my sweetheart Aaliyah. She liked the fact that at last I remembered some day and actually had the foresight to celebrate it. She can’t remember for the life of her the days I have not remembered inclusive of her birthday, love anniversaries, etc.

Whatever be the reason or logic, I loved that alone time with my girl. It is a beautiful lazy day and I loved being close to Aaliyah and found that to be strangely relaxing.

Go cuddle lovers of the world!


Talking about love anniversaries, ours is near. We met and fell in love a good while back, and that is a beautiful memory!

Thinking of those butterflies in the stomach days, I go all dreamy eyed. Then, Aaliyah was the forbidden fruit and today she is my soul mate. The most important thing that happened in my life and the biggest of all blessings I was given by God.

I wouldn’t forget that anniversary day for anything, but even if I do, it doesn’t matter. She is here and she is true. This is reality and nostalgia is for those who go back and find happiness.

I have happiness here and now.

And happiness has a name. The name is Aaliyah.


Who said birthdays are only fun?

Mine isn’t. I dread birthdays. I feel like I am growing too old. I have too many things to day and not many days left. That’s the way I see it. I am an eternal optimist, butbirthdays bring out the pessimist in me.

Well, thankfully, I have my good family and great friends around who give me amazing gifts that kind of cuts away on the gloominess and gives some hope that even if my years are going to be less I will still have lot more gifts to procure from the near and dear on my birthday.

Enjoy the week and take a snack on Banana Bread Day!

I will too.

Take care and I will pray for you all this holy Lent.


Editor Bob

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