Cool Butterfly Wishes This Warm Summer Season!

Summer warmth is here!

I always look forward to the first official day of each and every season- be it spring, autumn, summer or winter. There is something so special about the very first day.

Summer is a time to get together, have fun-filled summer time fiesta and have a wonderful summer treat! BBQs, pool parties and just being outdoors is absolutely lovely.

There are so many ways to spread the spirit of the summer season. Who can resist a smile when they get a summer card filled with the flowers of summer and added with a dash of love? Or, spread the joy by wishing all a great time at the beach with a fun- filled summer card.

Happy Summer!

And, for all those whose loved one’s birthday is falling in this warm summer season, send a sparkling birthday wish. Flowers can speak the language of the heart beautifully. So, when it’s your loved one’s birthday there couldn’t be a better way of expressing yourself other than with these warm birthday cards. Birthday wishes definitely adds cheer in your friend’s birthday.

Also, look what we have right before the summer season!

It’s Butterfly Day falling on June 19. It is a day to admire the beautiful and colorful butterflies fluttering around. Why not send vibrant and warm cards from our site to your friends, family and loved ones to wish colors of happiness on this lovely day!

We wish you a happy and a colorful Butterfly Day.

June 21- Sept 22, 2014

Send Summer Ecard!
Send Summer Ecard!


Send Birthday Ecard!
Send Birthday Ecard!

Butterfly Day
June 19, 2014

Send Butterfly Day Ecard!
Send Butterfly Day Ecard!

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  1. B., Thanks for the newsletter. How will you and your friends and family be spending the summer? I miss hearing about all of you in your blogs and newsletters.Sending Butterfly kisses back to you. L.

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