Connecting To The Inner Child!

My friends and colleagues often ask me, “Bob what keeps you so happy and going all the time? Don’t the situations in life bog you down even for a day?” Well, to answer their questions – yes I do get bogged down and not every day is the same. However, I stay in high spirits because I always stay in touch with my inner child. It helps me most of the time to cheer up.

Yes, you read that right! We all have a child inside us that loves to do playful things. It doesn’t let the external things come in the way. As time passes, we start losing touch with it. We get so busy in our day-to-day lives that we barely do things that we once enjoyed as a child.  Here are three things that I do to keep myself happily going:

  • Being More Creative – As a child, I enjoyed sketching and engaging in creative activities. It used to give me so much joy from within. I do the same even now. Every week, I make sure to either sketch or paint something new. I try to play with new ideas and colors at home with the decor. I also take part in art and craft workshops. This keeps my life and surroundings colorful and vibrant!
  • Don’t Bother What Others May Think – I do what my heart says! I don’t give in to the fear of what others might feel or say. And, if you can remember as a child we never thought that way! As long as it is ethical and doesn’t hurt anyone, I believe in doing things that keep me happy. It is more authentic to my inner self.
  • Trust More – As a child we never let doubts come in the way. We let our trust and innocence stay. I refrain from overthinking and trust the process and things around me. I believe in the mantra that everything is working in favor of me. And, that works like magic!

The above-mentioned ones are the ways by which I stay connected to my inner child. Just try doing them and see! Your life condition will rise up and you will start being more vibrant. You will be more rooted in your authentic self.  You will laugh a little louder and live a little better – start connecting with your inner child! Life will get happier!

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