Clap For Others As Your Time Will Come

Last evening I was enjoying the cool breeze and taking a walk in Mrs. Bradley’s garden. My phone rang and it was Ethan. “Hey, Uncle Bob! I needed to talk!” He said. “What happened? I am all ears. Tell me!” I replied.

There was a pause and after a deep breath, Ethan said, “I had worked hard for more than a year to lead an international project. However, at the very last moment, the project was given to one of my team members. I didn’t get the project and I feel so upset,” He expressed.

I could understand what he was going through but it was essential to make him understand that others’ success has nothing to do with his growth and success.

“Ethan, when I was young and didn’t get selected for the basketball match I was extremely disheartened. Months of rigorous practice did not work on the first go. I had come home and cried out about it to my day. You know what my dad had said?” I asked.

“What did he say, Uncle Bob?” He asked.

“Clap for others when you see them succeed as your time will come. Till then keep on practicing and give all your best wishes. It won’t take away anything from you!” He had said.

There was a pause. “It is not the end and you will have more opportunities coming your way. Till then keep working hard and be happy for your team member!” I said.

“Yes, I get it now Uncle Bob. I will keep giving my best and be the first one to applaud for others’ success. Thank you so much for always encouraging me. I will always give out genuine good vibes from now on!” He said.

“Yes, do that and you will be surprised to see how it comes back to you in unexpected ways!” I replied and then we hung up.

We often get bogged down when others do better than us. We feel left-back and start thinking in the wrong direction. Instead of working harder, we wonder ‘why not me’! This may not be the right approach. We must know that being happy in others’ success will not dim our light. Our time will come when we give our best and earn it.

Till then, we must be happy and radiate positive vibes!

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