Breaking The Bias On This International Women’s Day

Last night we were all at Steve’s place. Besides having a boy’s night with PlayStation and some great food, we had also gathered to plan for International Women’s Day. One day isn’t enough to celebrate the presence of women but we can make it a little special for them and express our love and gratitude.

#Break the Bias is the theme this year for Women’s Day and we too thought to arrange the party along this theme. How often do we underestimate the talent and capability of a woman but when we look around we can see that they are doing such wonders! We have incredible women in our group who are breaking stereotypes each day.

Donna is a single mother who has shown how wonderfully one can keep a work-life balance and raise such wonderful children. Back in time when Aaliyah’s family business was not going well, she used to be the sole financial support of her family. We saw how hard-working she was and still is. Megan and Kate prove their mettle at work each day to excel more. May has been such an inspiration at handling work and long-distance relationship with Adrian and Mrs. Bradley the mother away from home who takes care of us and shows that age is just a number!

Each of them has an affectionate side that makes us confide in them and seek comfort when we feel low. They are such empowering women who motivate not just us but everyone around them. They exude confidence and radiate a ‘never give up spirit’.

Strong, bold, independent – women around us are breaking stereotypes and setting examples each day. They have changed the perspective and limiting beliefs of the world over time by shining bright in their armor. Each has motivating journeys that fill everyone around them with hope and admiration. That’s the essence we celebrate on International Women’s Day where we remind them how wonderful they are!

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