Day 20: Ask, Believe And Receive!

“Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you”
– (KJV) Matthew 7:7

After you have taken the first steps in eliminating the insecurities and negativity from your life, it is time to fill in the gap with things that you value, have always hoped for and prayed for. Create the space, mindset and trust for your dreams to manifest.

Send A Smile Day Card!
Sending A Cute Smile!

Simply Ask!

The universe loves to think in three dimension. It loves to have a clear, dreamlike picture of your wishes. I always dreamed of working as an editor, with millions of readers across the globe and here I am with all of you. It feels amazing and I love to believe that I am impacting many lives with my thoughts and heart’s pouring. All you need to do is simply live your dream in your mind and ask in clear terms what you want.

Believe Truly!

There is magic in believing in your dreams! If you plant a single seed of doubt, you kill the chance of achieving what you aspire for. So believe in yourself and others. Believe in the universal energy and providence will miraculously flow towards you.

Receive Gracefully!

The most important aspect is to receive with gracefulness and gratefulness in your heart. So often people falter in this step of living their dreams. They cannot believe in the positive stroke of luck. They cannot sustain what they’ve achieved. They can’t carry their success through, often times it is also a limiting belief that drags them down. It can be overcome by practicing an attitude of gratitude in your heart, by opening yourself to receiving generously.


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