Make Your Own July Nesting Dolls!

Happy Fourth of July season! This year, Amy Larkin at The Glitter In My Tea brings to you a DIY for one of her favorite holidays. So, take a look and follow along as she helps you make a great 4th of July decor piece!

“Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays because one, it’s a summer holiday and I love summer, two, I love the traditions (BBQ’s, watermelon, water games/ sports, dressing up in red/ white/ blue) and three, I love the fireworks!

So this Fourth of July DIY works for fabulous decor. Put it up on your fireplace mantel, bookshelf, or window sill, whatever! Plus, it’s super duper easy!


  • Wooden nesting doll
  • Red, white, and blue spray paint
  1. Start by opening all the nesting dolls, and separating the tops and bottoms.
  2. Head outside or somewhere well ventilated, and prepare your area for spray painting.
    Begin the spray painting process by spray painting all the bottoms white.
  3. Spray every other top blue, and the other tops red.
    Spray paint the smallest nesting doll a solid color, whether you want it to be white, red, blue, or even silver!
  4. Let the paint dry before using the nesting dolls to decorate with.

And that’s it! Super easy, right?”

We at loved this DIY, and have successfully attempted to recreate it here! You too can give it a try! It is a great piece of decoration to add to your Fourth Of July celebrations! Show us what you came up with by emailing us at!

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4th of July,
July 4, 2017
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4th of July,
July 4, 2017
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4th of July,
July 4, 2017
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