3 Rules To Win Hearts

The innate need within all of us is to be happy, isn’t it? Whatever we do in life is inspired by this very need of ours. Happy people are more successful and not vice versa and have more friends rather than squeamish and grumpy ones.

I was attending the funeral of a neighbor lately along with Fred, we were surprised by the number of people who had gathered there. Fred remarked, “Seems like he was a popular guy.” It got me thinking, he was a simple man in his late sixties and his best asset was his smile. Whenever we met he made us feel so warm with a genuine expression of joy on his face.

There are 3 thumb rules which are important to win over people’s heart and leave a legacy of goodness.

  1. Smile

Smile is a natural booster, it tricks you and others into a better frame of mind, it makes you more attractive. Smile is the best makeup to beautify yourself. It reduces pain. It makes you look younger. It lightens the environment and stops an argument. It connects you with people. It is the universal language of kindness and friendliness.

  1. Listen & Appreciate

Often, when we ask people, “How are you?” we do not wait to hear the answer. In conversations we become so self-centered, self-righteous and opinionated. We drive all conversations to ourselves and overshadow the subject. We try to monopolize other people’s attention. If we want to win over a friend we need to step down from the throne and pay attention to what they are saying, what they need from you. Give assurance and appreciate them. Make someone’s day and yours will be taken care of.

  1. Be Grateful

Thanks,” if expressed genuinely, the word is powerful and can create lasting friendships. Be grateful and glad. Hearts expand with love and you feel oneness with the other. Gratitude multiplies the blessings in your life and helps in winning hearts over.

In the cemetery Fred and I reflected, “Life is a message and death the destination, we must work on leaving behind a beautiful one before we part. This very ground we walk today will be our roof tomorrow so stay humble and remember to smile.”


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