Let’s Sweeten The Ephemeral Journey Of Life With Love!

The third Saturday of October never fails to give us a delightful reason to celebrate the sweetest things in life. The balmy aura of the Sweetest Day embraces the share & distribution of candies & sweets. The heart of this tradition themes around a lovable fact which is to exchange sweet and thoughtful gestures as a mark of care and compassion to rekindle love in relationships.

Last year’s Sweetest Day turned out to be special for me as I was touched by the unrealized sweetness which lies within everyone. New York shops and streets were buzzing with glossy and colorful candies, cakes, sweets , and greetings.

I strolled down after work to pick a gift for Aaliyah. It is a special day for everyone who is in love. Love abolishes all the bitterness from our lives and alleviates pain, hence this day is meant for the lovers to rejoice the sweet bond, isn’t it?

The streets were all lit up and the signboards outside the shops displayed all kind of offers to lure customers yet a tiny shop in the corner caught my attention. It was an ordinary shop yet it was jam packed with a throng of customers who looked excited. Every kid left with an extra sweet in his or her pocket. I was tempted to go in there and I made my way through the crowd and was surprised to be greeted warmly despite the crowd. I gathered my hamper and fell short of a dollar, I kept it aside and turned to leave when he called back and said, “It’s ok sir you can have this candy basket for a dollar less.” It was quite unusual for a seller so I genuinely thanked him. No wonder he had his customers rolling in.

Aaliyah was thrilled to receive a basket full of her favorite chocolates. The day went by with a flood of wishes. I secretly reveled having so many friends and folks who dote over me.


We both went over to the nearby park and distributed candies, toys and chocolates among the kids playing there who were from the nearby orphanage.

The playfulness of the kids filled us with cheerfulness. Suddenly I saw them running towards a person, they were so overjoyed to see him that they were jumping with glee. The person carried a big bag of candies, chocolates, sweets and one by one he gave all of them to the kids, they hugged him, it seemed they were waiting for him and he has been doing it every year. As the person came near I recognized him, he was the candy seller, I bought my gifts from. His candy shop was small but his heart was big and that is what brought him here.

Sweetest day teaches us life’s journey is ephemeral but with love we can create eternal moments of joy. You are happy when you receive but when you give, you reach a state of bliss. Let’s sweeten our moments, let’s share some love with others and relish the taste of happiness.


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