What If Miracles Were Real?


Are miracles possible?  “Yes it is!” said Fred. He has always affirmed the belief in the supreme intelligence which works beyond the scope of our limited beliefs and conditioned intelligence.

Miracles are not just about being able to fly without wings or walk on water or perform feats to trick the mind. It is about believing upon the generous providence of the universe in fulfilling your dreams.

It happened with me a lot but was more prominent in childhood. I remember when I sauntered home from school and prayed that my mom serve me my favorite potato wedges instead of salad, it just so happened that my lunch on that day would include potato wedges. In the morning I would imagine riding a red bike and by evening dad would surprise me with the same even when I hadn’t really conveyed my daydream with him. I would just smile, look up in the sky and thank with an excited heart. It was simple, wasn’t it? Until the conditioning of the so called pragmatics swept over me and I dismissed the ‘magical thinking’.

Fred however believed in the magic of these beautiful coincidences. “We need to expand our faith and let the universe take over at times,” said Fred as we sat down with beer in my backyard. I wish Aaliyah was here, I was particularly missing the pumpkin pie she makes around the Halloween time.

Fred continued, “Think about that chance meeting that changed your life forever, the coincidence that just made so much sense. Have you ever paused to reflect upon the times of such happenstances or do you just dismiss it in your mind? You just missed a great opportunity to explore the sprawling reality that is.”

My doorbell rang breaking the flow of conversations we were lost in. My neighbor was at the door with a treat in her hand. It was a box of the smooth, creamy pumpkin pie bursting with flavors which spread across the room. My jaw dropped and I heard Fred looking at me with light in his eyes as he said, “Count your blessings my friend and continue to believe upon the sweet coincidences and life will indeed surprise you, Bob!” He said with a contagious smile. “Happy Halloween!” I looked up at him and was truly thankful.

The moment we realize life is like a cosmic soup with miracles, opportunities and possibilities boiling over we live in wonderment and the stress and humdrum wipes out completely. Sometimes we lose ourselves to the roles and chores and cease to ponder upon the greater reality waiting to be revealed. Perform your part in the play of consciousness but hold on to the miracle. Spend moments in quietude and make a list of wonderment for yourself or your child. Don’t snatch away his/ her power of magical thinking with the stick of rationality. Just Believe.

Happy Halloween Friends!



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