Don’t Postpone Joy!

Golden crust of the Apple Pie with a glazing top and hot latte topped with a dollop of vanilla cream resting on one corner of the table. I am home on the All Angels Day with my world, Aaliyah who makes it extra angelic and special with the touch of her care.

Kong, my dog-friend jumping with delight, sniffing the favorite treats she brought for him. Animals have a way to let you know they are genuinely thankful while we human beings fail to express it many times.

The seasons are changing, extremes of summer are settling in the temperance of fall, our relationship has also come to a point of moderation and we have dropped off the expectations which were weighing us down. Ever since it’s been magical and we have started bringing happiness in every moment spent together.

We had our set of wanna-haves’ and wanna-dos’ which did not fit together perfectly. She felt I was too demanding on her time while I felt her work hours were erratic, not giving me enough time with her. But, then with some meaningful communication, understanding dawned and I realized every moment spent is special in life. What matters is keeping the other in your mind no matter where you are stuck. Don’t keep postponing joy to special occasions; make every moment of everyday joyous.

Whenever life throws in challenges at me, I look up and around and mindfully put together a grandiloquent list of blessings in my mind and visualize the challenges melt in the goodness of life just like the ice melts in the beverage and finally becomes it.

Your life is ultimately built, bit by bit with your thoughts and ideas so the real work is only to have a beautiful and sorted mind.

Smile a lot, play with children and pets, nurture good relations, say no when it’s needed, say yes when your heart wants to, believe in angels, serve selflessly, cultivate gratitude in your heart, love like you used to when you were a teen, dance and sing, paint and doodle, drink wine, make love, take on bigger responsibilities, never settle for baubles, know that you deserve opulence, let the universe take over.

As I lingered on the pleasures of digging in the pie, Aaliyah called out to finish my breakfast swiftly and join her to go to the elder care home as it was our turn to serve this week. I gobbled up the last piece of the decadent dessert and once again realized that moments are short-lived so why not breathe in them and let the happiness seep into our cells. When we carry the gladness in our hearts, gradually we become one with it.


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