The Sun-Kissed Leaves In Between The Pages!

Leaves are turning into warmer shades of yellow, red, brown carpeting the path and ramping-up nostalgia in our hearts. The sound of crisp foliage, as I tread upon the path, blends sweetly with the humming cool breeze swaying the branches from all sides enabling it to release and shake off the lifeless remains and lighten its weight in the hope of blossoming again.

The shifting wind, hues and seasons prepare us for one thing which is consistent in our lives more than anything else and it is ‘change’.

I feel like a panda-incarnate as this is the time I sleep the most. Lazy Sunday afternoons are spent like a burrito wrapped up in piles of toasty, warm blanket, go back to the unfinished book, bookmarked with an old red leaf picked up from the garden years ago, leaving the window ajar just slightly enough for airing the room with the cool, scented breeze.

The aroma of pumpkin pie rises from my oven and the hot soup complementing it brews in the corner. Aaliyah is all perky while I nap away the day. She happily keeps away the light clothing pieces and spruces up her wardrobe with her scarves and outerwear. Her blacks, reds and ivories can now make a comeback.

I spend a lot of time in my backyard garden and prepare it for the winter. Some trees need pruning and the falling leaves need raking and the flowers need tending. The squirrel hops about looking for safe places to hide their nuts for the winter.

It is time when the sun calms down and weather is cool and pleasant. It is when the critters salvage and store away food for harsh winter and prepare for hibernation. I wonder about the intelligence and adaptability which nature instills.

It is time to stop and take stock of all the strengths and let the superfluous drop, freeing me and creating space for new to beget. It’s time to prepare for the changing times.

Squirrel away what’s precious and earned rightfully. Reap your harvest and prepare for your winter. Being grateful and letting go of your hooks is a good place to start with.

Dead leaves stiffen so it’s time to drop off the hubris and be agile and alive.

Autumn is the season of moderation cutting off the extremities hence reducing the frisson and creating a smooth transition. Let the letting go be serene. Make the most of this autumn my dear friends.

Don’t forget to leave your messages for the autumn in the comments section below. I highly regard the gift of your kind words.



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