A Beautiful Agreement of Two Souls – Marriage, Myth Or Reality?

“There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear” (KJV) 1 John 4:18

I lately came across a piece of news which startled me. A groom sued his wife for damages one day after their wedding when he woke up in the morning and saw her without make-up for the first time. Paradoxical! Isn’t it? Fear overpowered love and marriage is sacrificed.

Marriage is a union of two loving souls, that is what I understood when I attended weddings at the church… the forever and ever reverberates and the bride and groom kiss tenderly promising to be with each other through thick and thin, in health and sickness, for better or for worse

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But most of the couples today are evading marriage and denying the entire institution. The reason being those who enter the institution with a pledge and exit with a crash impress upon the young hearts the fear of its failure. As humans we like to live in a bubble of self-created stories. We paint a beautiful picture of our future and get trapped in the canvas. We do not allow life to surprise us.

Marriage is another name for balance. It brings together the yin and yang energies and is the gateway of stability for the vagabonds.

It teaches to carry on responsibilities, feel love, and nurture a family and share life with a compatible partner making it convenient and enjoyable to go through life. It teaches patience and endurance to a great extent. It is like sowing a seed in a fertile patch of land and nourishing it regularly, the roots grow underneath before the tree rises to touch the sky.

Marriage is based upon trust. Love isn’t enough. Tolerance, respect and trust weaved together give the strength of keeping the sacred promise. Giving each other free will and yet remaining rooted is vital for the growth of a healthy relationship.

There are creative ways in dealing with conflicts in marriages. Communication always works if it is not one sided and when you are not putting the other in the spot.

A couple who can be marvelous and mundane in front of each other without friction and who understand the magic of the ordinary can carry forth the commitment. What is more important is to be real.

Being funny, complicated, and messy can work in a long-term relationship but being fake does not.

Wedding is a celebration. It’s the start of a celebrative and jubilant life. So remember to let the strong and sturdy roots ground you first before you take off to touch the sky.

Celebrate relationships, accept more, forgive more, love more, and show them you care. Remember to nourish the core and know that you are not your story.

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