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Lately, ‘Love You’ has become another jargon. When a simple ‘thank you’ doesn’t work this seems the right phrase for all sweet-talkers. Have you ever experienced the so-called expressions of adoration that lay a bunch of conditions on you?

You have to apply the filters of right understanding to the “so-called love” before you fall in with someone. So, ever wondered how to recognize love’s essence among these mixed baggage of emotions tagged as love?

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Last weekend I met my dear friend Kate at the Scottish bar on the 46th Street. She was charged up with her newfound love, I was all ears to her endless romantic vows and tales of ‘the one’ she had been waiting for all her life and had finally met. I was excited for her.

Yesterday, I called her up as Valentine’s Day is approaching I felt I’d offer her my hand in celebrating it in a unique way and plan some sweet surprises for the two. But she said casually, “umm …mm Bob it was indeed good, but it’s history now as I met someone else at the gym who’s the prince charming for me” I was dumbfounded at the kind of passing declarations of love and fleeting romances lovers engage in. The concept of everlasting love is alien for them. It’s a deep heart to heart connection

Nonetheless, I always stick to my utopian idea of romance and rejoice the spirit of Valentine’s Day with Aaliyah. I know she is not expecting any surprise from me lately because of my crammed schedule. I intend to make her feel really special.

For me love is not volatile, it’s not an ephemeral moment in time nor is it just the rush of adrenaline in our bodies but it is the breath of life, the essence of existence. I am waiting for the wee hour that marks the beginning of the cherished Valentine’s Day.

The difference between love and so-called love is evident. I had read somewhere, when you look at a beautiful flower and think of plucking it then it’s the not love, it is mere infatuation. If you admire the flower and still let it remain rooted, scintillating under the radiant sun and dancing in the breeze, then you know you are in love.

Let the moments not pass us by. Spend good moments with those who matter. Reinvent yourself and revive the passion on this Valentine’s Day. Discriminate between tags of love and love. Cheers!


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