The Bob’s Speech!

Send Cute CardsGood ol’ days!
Ms. Mary, my English teacher, used to pick a student at random to read a particular lesson line by line everyday in her class. Megan was her favorite; she’s literally born with a mike in her throat. Her voice was crispy clear, precise and loud on the ear.

My vocals were legendary. I used to fumble, stumble and stammer my way through class. And of course, when my peers broke out into a laugh, I went sweating from head to toe. To sum it up… I was a disaster!

Ms. Mary met me after the class to console and counsel me. “Bob, just concentrate on the print and the words, forget the giggles and teases. Just read aloud as if nobody’s around. You are bright and I know it.”

The next day, when my turn came, I started with the usual stammering, but carried on… blocking out the world. The fragments of sentences started sounding complete and the rhythm became fluent. And when I was through, there was silence. And then, an applause!

I sank down into my seat smiling and crying. In a subtle way, my teacher had erased a flaw in me and made me confident. They all do that, don’t they… they change lives literally! I am talking about the teachers!

Jus’ not the teachers though. There are many people in our life, who have made a decisive difference in our childhood that we have almost forgotten. It’s good to go nostalgic and relive the moments and remember those, who shaped us to be what we are today.

Wouldn’t it make their day if we send some flowers, drop a line or send a card and make them feel special?

I think so.

I would love to hear it from you, about those people whom you idolize and who has made you, who you are.

Tell me.

And I will tell you more.

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