Meet The Parents!

Send Love CardsMegan and I go for long walks in summer, whenever time permits and on one of those walks we hit upon a beautiful idea.

Throwing stones!

Yup! You see, I can’t walk the park jus’ enjoying the feel of the grass on the foot… I thought it would be fun to throw stones and measure up the distance to decide the winner.

And so we began… A few pebbles and stones later, I hit up on a solid rugged stone and threw with all my might… The stone flew like a dream and Meggy squealed in delight….And then a shriek and a scream. Shriek from Megan and scream from, well, an old man on his evening walk in the Central Park; I presume the stone should’ve landed smack on his head. It took me exactly 5 minutes 3 seconds to reach my abode. Yup! All I did was get a glimpse of the screaming old man and I scooted. I felt sorry for the man though, but to be frank I was pretty scared when he stared at me in wild anger!

Hit the bed for a power nap and woke up late for an appointment. Well, the appointment was that I had to go to Aaliyah’s place to meet her parents for the first time and I was nervous. This is important, I knew, and attired right. Flipped open my phone to give her a call and she coolly reassured me everything would be alright. On reaching her house, I gave her the flowers and she bid me in with a peck on my cheek. Ambience was great what with country music playing and the cool furniture.

Well, I met her mom, who was very sweet, and we chatted a bit and moved to the dinner table, when her dad arrived and joined us. We sat for dinner and offered Grace, our heads bent down in prayer… In a minute everyone was up and ready to hold the fork and knife while I was still down…

Aaliyah… Waited for a while, nudged me, and whispered…

“Bob, you never told you were so religious?!”

“Well, I never remember you telling me that your dad goes for a walk in the Central Park either!”

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