Faith In Obama Goes Up!

Send Inspirational EcardsPolls conducted by Associated Press-Gfk have found out that the popularity of Obama has shot up from 17% to 48%. As he nears 100 days of his presidency, people are believing more in Obama and his recovery plans. These people think that the country is in the ‘right direction’. This is the first time since January 2004 that people are showing more faith in the government. What do you think are the reasons? Do you make up that 48%? What is it that you like about this Obama government? What more do you expect from Obama?


10 thoughts on “Faith In Obama Goes Up!

  1. Obama’s recovery plan will give a huge fiscal stimulus to the American economy .Cutting down on taxes and public spending will give the American industries a boost and open new job positions for the people to work.
    Obama taking part to the G7 conference will help the American industries to trade with the G7 counterparts.

  2. I’ve always had faith in Obama. I think he is going in the right direction. In all my years, I’ve never seen a president go to work for this country so fast after being elected. Kudos to him and the 48% that have faith in him.

  3. Obama is one of the best things that happened in our lifetime. No matter how successful he is ( he is successful and he will be successful) he try his best, not only for the Americans but also for people elsewhere all over the world. He is honest, highly intelligent, powerfully eloquent and he is badly good-looking. Have a long and happy life Mr. President. Obama forever!

  4. yes! as an Economist i can say it that he’s on track towards creating an expansionary fiscal policy. i have the belief that he’s gonna make it with his diplomatic and democratic approach.

  5. President Obama is the best thing that has happened to Americans in a long time, on so many levels. I thank God for him and his family and I pray for their safety. I feel that at least he is trying to help all the people of this Country by making it a better place for everyone to live. He is doing a great job of working through all the “stuff” he has to deal with. I’m sure it has to be a really tough job, but he doesn’t complain, he just keeps on fighting! He is a true warrior!

  6. I hope Obama can spread Americas great wealth more evenly and fairly!! Along with a genuine health scheme available freely to all those on the bottom ‘rung’ (And bring back those great days when the Popular Mechanics Magazine was nice and thick with Ideas from Mr & Mrs Average American, and took hours to read. But never forget’s Pearl Harbour or 9/11.

  7. yes I have faith in Obama that he will fight for his country on Americas wealth to be distributed evenly and the common man should be benifitted and lead easy life

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