The Next Big Flu!

Send Everyday Ecards“We’re staring at a flu epidemic!” yelled my niece Rachael over the phone. I could hear my sister tell her, “Stop alarming people like that!” Rachael is always updated on news like these. Scientists, discoveries, their latest publications – these make up Rachael’s daily routine. So it was not strange that she already knew about this flu epidemic before most others.

Scientists have long anticipated the outbreak of a flu epidemic that will result in a huge loss of lives around the globe. As reports of a flu attack pour in, scientists are cautioning people about this flu attack. A public health emergency has been declared. So guys, we need to take care and take cover. Just share your best ideas in the spirit of helping others.


14 thoughts on “The Next Big Flu!

  1. B. Hands, hands, hands. They carry everything. Important to wash your hands all day long. Also, if someone sneezes in your direction, turn away. And never ever drink out of those water fountains in doors or out. Bring your own bottle of water with you. And I know this might be difficult for you, B., but for the time being , try not to hug and kiss folks until this Swine Flu subsides. take care and stay well, L.

  2. To boost up the immunity is probably the best thing one can do. Stick to a healthy routine, plenty of vitamin C and exercise and of course enough sleep. Vaccine may be helpful but we are facing new flu all the time. I wonder if we could ever catch up with the varieties.

  3. We all have to take care at the time of epidemic. It is easier for adults as we could stay away from people with the flu symptoms. It is more difficult with the kids. I am worried about my children who have to go to school everyday.

  4. The new swine flu epidemic has started in Mexico and is spreading all over America.The best way to prevent it is by avoiding to travel in Mexico for at least three months and if you must travel then take some flu prevention drugs like tamiflu beginning from a day before you travel and continuing the course for at least seven days.

  5. Good advice from others. But please remember your family, friends, loved ones and work colleagues.

    If you do have the flu (swine-flu or not), stay home until you over it!

  6. Hi guys!

    I am a health nut. I work in an office and what works for me is a big quart size container with a pump. It is filled with the hand sanitizer gel stuff. I use it all of the time all through out the day. I even pump a little in my hand after working on a stack of papers that I know other people had on their desks too. It should last a while too. 🙂

  7. Flu can spread anywere anytome n u neva will know wen did it hit you so just follow the instructions carefully and tale proper preacaution as sdviced by the doc………if it is to happen it will happen and there is no body to stop it……..

  8. Halloween is such a fun time for kids..but this year every kid is at risk going out to all the houses passing candy from one to another, not wise. should have a party & games at home with the kids. Listen to Dr. Oz, He has his own show at 5pm-6pm fox channel 3..every-day.
    Keep germ-free every-one sneeze at your forearm, not your hands.
    carry gel with you & mask & gloves

  9. Sneeze into your elbow, stay home when feeling sick (and bosses don’t penalize your workers who help keep you healthy by staying home), wash hands especially after you blow your nose and no intimate contact with others.

  10. get a cough muff (I invented one)- or use a small folded up towel to cough into to catch the tiney droplets of virus containing liquid.

  11. Besides eating right, getting proper rest, and LOTS of hand washing, we have decided to AVOID CROWDS and STAY HOME. I shop very early in the morning, or after midnight at Walmart. The grocery store closes at midnight–I either go there about 11:30pm or very early in the morning. That’s easy for us right now, we don’t have school age kids, but our 28 month old is at a daycare that only takes a couple of other small kids, and the lady that runs it home schools her own kids. I think we have cut down on contacts as much as possible. I know it’s hard for those of you with school age kids. It’s downright scarey. My nephew is a doctor out east, and told my sister that swine flu is no big deal. I beg to differ. I sure don’t want it or anyone in my family–it’s killed lots of people. I don’t want to be anywhere NEAR it! Everyone, I hope you are ok. Why even GO to Mexico or places that are infested with it?

  12. asc waxaal waalid walaal waan idin wada salamy dhamaan aniga waan fiicanahay inliiska war qababo maxumo aan islawada socono dhamaan walaal iyo waalid

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