On Quirky Co-workers

Send Business EcardsWe spend a lot of time with our co-workers. Though everyone in your office may not be your friend, they surely make for interesting company. Donna used to work with a colleague whom she called Janus! Janus is the two-faced Roman god. The reason Donna named her was that this colleague put up two different faces inside and outside the boardroom. She did a flip each time she met the boss and left her team members red in the face and coping with uncomfortable questions. But she was also a lot of fun, so no one really hated her. Does that sound familiar to you? Do you have any colleague who’s quirky and whose psyche demands a mention in some psychology course? Your experiences could tickle the funny bone for some, and make these quirky colleagues more endurable for others!


11 thoughts on “On Quirky Co-workers

  1. Some moderation may turn those quirky fellows into more pleasant beings. Sometimes they bring on jokes that could really help to defreeze a meeting.

  2. We have people like Janus too. Some people hate this fellow and they gather to take the revenge although this is wrong. Sometimes I worry about this fellow as he could lose his friends this way.

  3. Our quirky person is nicknamed “M&M” short for Motor Mouth…her voice can be heard throughout the whold office.

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  5. Be ware of M&M co-workers. Sometimes things get twisted around and in turn, could get you into trouble. Confidentiality is the key. Don’t be an M&M, your co-workers are your friends. Stick by their side, and they in turn will always be there for you.

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