Fred Worried About Foreclosures

Send Inspiration EcardsFred is getting increasingly worried about foreclosures staring us in the face. He shared how he was concerned about foreclosures that are happening in the metro areas of California, Nevada, Arizona and Florida. One online survey reported Las Vegas as the city that has the highest rate of foreclosures. Fred told me the other night, “It’s really getting tough, Bob.” I have friends who are getting laid off. It’s important that we support our friends in these trying times. What would you like to tell our reader friends who have lost jobs because of foreclosures? Your encouragement could go a long way in helping them to make it rather than break it. Post your thoughts here.


9 thoughts on “Fred Worried About Foreclosures

  1. It is really hard in the present atmosphere. Companies of course would not dispose of the indispensable people who have the connections and abilities. On the other hand, it may be a loss to the company rather than the one who lose the job. See it as an opportunity to change the environment. Things may turn out much better than one has thought.

  2. It is a hard time for everyone. There are rain and storm in one’s path but there is always a rainbow behind. Do not be afraid my friends. Watch the flowers and the birds, the rain and storm will only make them look fresher and more beautiful afterwards.

  3. I would tell them not to loose hope and to hold on because new work positions are sure to open with the new economical measures Obama is taking.

  4. B. I am sorry to hear of all the foreclosures. These are mean times for so many folks. I agree we need to help out our friends and family to get through it all. I am crossing my fingers for your friend, Fred. What a considerate guy. He has helped so many people and sounds so selfless. He would probably be amazing to paint his portrait, too. Wish I could meet him. I have invited quite a few people to my studio to paint their portrait as I pay well per the hour. It is the least I can do. So many interesting faces out there. There is a world in a face…You have good friends. love to you, L.

  5. Times are very tough. It angers me sometimes, thinking about how all hard working people are becoming victims of this harsh economy and the reasons for all this. It feels sad to hear about foreclosures and folks affected by that. Tell your friend Fred to stay tough. Sometimes when my friends are in situations that no body can help but thru words, I can’t even seem to find words. I just pray for them and I let them know about that.

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