Where Are You Going This Easter?

Send Events EcardsThe Easter holidays provide the perfect escape for you guys! Just pack your bags and travel. Donna plans to go off on a trip with her children Ethan and Emily. But she’s not sure where she should go. She likes making trips to the Cape, but this year on Easter, she wants to do something different. She asked me if I had any ideas to share. I thought of asking you guys to come up with ideas for Easter holiday destinations. Your ideas would not only help Donna, but also be great for people who are hunting around for Easter holiday ideas. Chime in.


8 thoughts on “Where Are You Going This Easter?

  1. I am spending the Easter holidays at my village.I prefer the traditional Easter with the traditional flaounes(cheese bread) that we make in Cyprus and going to the church every evening during the holy week at my village.That is the only way to feel the Easter.

  2. the kids haen’t seen their Grandma and Aunties in a while.
    we are planning on spening 10 days with my mom this Easter.
    However, my husband would like to stay home and do nothing at all.

  3. On Easter day we normally organize our own Easter egg hunt followed by a party (egg painnting and other activities) for kids of family and friends. Fun to watch kids hunt for eggs, feels good to see those happy faces finding simple goodies.

    Have a Good Easter.

  4. Christmas and New Year are my favorite. Easter is too short a holiday and many people are on the road. I usually go to church and share the Easter eggs and food with my friends.

  5. According to my program, i’ll say that this easter holiday is going to be great and fun to me, because i’ll travel to my home town to visit my parents, relations and loved one’s I have been missing for a long time. I’ll also seize this opportunity to visit many friends and have good time with them. I can say that this holiday it’s going to be enjoyable period.

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