Adam Lambert Gets Standing Ovation!

Send Everyday EcardsAdam Lambert was applauded with a standing ovation on American Idol Season 8! Yes, and it was initiated by none other than Simon Cowell. This round had the American Idol participants singing songs of the year they were born. Adam Lambert was born in 1982, and he chose “Mad World” by Gary Jules. This time around I didn’t miss the show. And I was not disappointed. Adam Lambert’s rendition was quality stuff, and he really pulled off the song with elan. After the curtains came down, I really forgot that six other contestants had performed as well, all thanks to Adam Lambert.

Adam Lambert is consistently hitting the high notches with slow, haunting tracks. His version of “Track of My Tears” was excellent as well. He tuned down his look, and Irina, who watches this show more often than I do, feels that he looks way better without the spikes hair cut. If you ask me, we definitely have a wonderful and promising talent here. But does he have what it takes to reach the summit? Would you like to see him as the eighth American Idol?


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