Cuddly Kitten Day

Send Cuddly Kitten Day EcardsAfter a pup called Max, my niece Rachael wants a kitten! She has been reading extensively about every feline matter, and now she wants to have a member of the feline species in her own home. Obviously the task fell on me to try and get a kitten for her. I have been really busy lately, so that enterprise has been put on hold for the time being. But with this kitten thing coming up on me, I realized that people are divided when it comes to their liking for the cat and the dog!

Some people, like me, would hopelessly root for the dog. There are others who don’t like the canines much. They are fond of cats. I think there is a psychological reason behind it. I can’t remember who told me, but there was someone who enlightened me on a probable reason for this some years back. People who like dogs are attention seeking individuals, while people who prefer cats are attention giving individuals. I don’t know if there is any sense in this, but it somehow fits with the idea.

Dogs are actually very giving. They are never selfish and will always put you before themselves. I can say that for sure because my pet dog Kong is like that. He waits for me to serve him food and goes hungry unless I’m back home. Cats, I have heard, love to be pampered all the time. They want you to do things for them, while they roll around in glory. I have never had a cat, so I can’t actually say it’s true. What do you think? Do you like cats or dogs?


6 thoughts on “Cuddly Kitten Day

  1. I like dogs rather than cats. Dogs are real friends. They care about their masters and other animals. Cats have a world of their own. They don’t take in humans or other animals as their friends no matter how well you treat them. They can turn their backs on you any time.

  2. One pet is good enough for me! I cannot imagine having more pets at the same time. I don’t know how people could keep things in order with so many pets!

  3. I’m greatful to you BOB, I was inspired by your write-up TOXIC FRIENDS, I can now resist irrelevant friends without being busy. THANKS

  4. I can now have time for myself, not always being lured out by toxic friends for unnecessary activities .

  5. I have two cats that i adore.They follow me around the house and sometimes outside the house too.They give me a lot of affection and i give them a lot of attention and care.But that doesn’t mean that i don’t like dogs .I wouldn’t want to have a dog not because i don’t like dogs but because i think that they need all of our attention and since i work nine hours per day away from my house then i wouldn’t be able to take care of them the right way.

  6. Yes that’s true….cats like to pampered all the time…..a bit selfish as well as loving but not as loving and caring like dogs….i have three cats ….they all like to be cuddled and loved….but only when they wish for it…..xcept one….his name is Luca…he waits for me to come back from work….he stays besides me all the day long when I have an off….he is different from all other cats….while the other two….are as you said “roll around in glory”….however they may be….i love all of them…

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