Cuddling A Pup

Send Cuddle Day EcardsAfter listening to Rachael talk affectionately about her pup Max, Ethan and Emily decided to pay her a visit. They wanted to play with the pup and spend a good afternoon. Donna dropped them off at Liz’s place. I knew there’ll be good food, so I told Donna that I would accompany her when she went back to pick them up. Donna smiled as she knew that I was game for the food that was sure to be there. Friends seem to know everything about you and your instincts and motives, don’t they?!

When I walked in at the door of Liz, there was a wave of happiness that struck me. Max was being cuddled by Emily and Rachael, while Ethan looked on fondly. They were having so much fun that Liz had no extra work on her hands despite having kids in the house. Max was one happy bundle of energy, jumping and yelping with joy. I sat down and looked at the three of them and the pup. I wished Kong was around to play with them as well. He is really missing some real cuddly times!

Oh yes, before I put an end to this, the food was excellent, as expected. It was an afternoon well spent, specially after all that papers I had to go through at office. It’s your responses and appreciation that keeps me going. Pour them in!


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