American Idol Show Lacks Luster

Send Hi EcardsThe Tuesday night show of the American Idol did not go down well with Simon Cowell. He admitted to the show being “a bit flat”. I missed it this time around and can’t really say how the show was. But if Cowell has gone on record to say that he was not happy with the lighting or the sound, it must have been so. If you are thinking that I can ask Adrian and Irina, who are more American Idol fans than my friends, then you would be disappointed.

The reason is, they are such crazy fans of the Idols and the show, they don’t really care even if the show was held in the dark and without a microphone! They didn’t miss the show either, though I couldn’t keep my date with the American Idol contestants. Simon Cowell also commented how the four-judge panel makes it really long for the ball to be passed to him! He’s expecting some real excitement and drama in the advanced stages of Season 8 because of the wild-card option that the judges can use now. The game should get meaner and more cutting edge. What say?


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