Did You Get It Right On The Oscar Winners?

Send Congratulations EcardsWoo! Eight out of ten is as clean a sweep as you can expect! Way to go Slumdog Millionaire! I’m delighted that Slumdog bagged the Oscars for the Best Film, along with Best Director for Danny Boyle and six more. Yes, though I was expecting the Best Original Score and Best Original Song to go its way comfortably, I was not so sure about the top two honors. I expected The Curious Case of Benjamin Button or Milk to clinch it. My instincts overshadowed my support for Slumdog after Senn Penn bagged the Best Actor statuette. I was holding my breath, but then breathed easy.

Rick and Kaitlin didn’t have a fight after all, because neither Jolie nor Pitt won in their respective categories. But someone is really happy about Slumdog hitting it rich: Berka. She’s been telling me that filmmakers back in India are panning the film because it ‘glorifies poverty’. Berka added, “I wonder why they are deriding it. I mean, when they show the Taj Mahal, no one complains. The slums in Mumbai are as much a reality as the Taj in Agra. What’s the harm in showing it to the West?” I don’t know much about the politics of moviemaking. She knows it better. What I know is that if cinema is an art form, Slumdog Millionaire is art.

I’m also happy for Kate Winslet. She’s picked up her first Oscar. I found it strange that she got the Best Actress in a Supporting Role for the same movie at the Golden Globe Awards and won as Best Actress here. This categorization is something that’s beyond my comprehension actually.

Did you guess rightly? How many did you get correct? Be honest here!


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