Inspirational Mondays: Inspiring Our Friendship

Send Friendship Ecards‘Those who stand for nothing fall for anything’ – Alexander Hamilton

This week on Inspirational Mondays, let’s talk about how we can inspire our friendship and make it better.

It’s not always easy to stand by your friend. There are times when you are not sure yourself if your friend is on the right side of the line. If not, you are not sure if you should pull him out or help him to do it on his own. These are moments of doubt and sometimes of insecurity. What if your step did not yield results and you fall into the same trouble? What if your friend misunderstands you? It’s difficult to plunge into a problem that can be trespassing in personal space. Your friendship needs you to take a stand. This may be conflicting to the interests of your friend to that of yourself.

To take a stand for your friend, you need to first understand the situation and react accordingly. Try to look at the issue from your friend’s point of view. If needed, be firm with your friend. I think it’s important that you be true to your friend than be good to him. More often than not, we need someone to hold up a mirror to us and tell us the hard facts. A true friend does that. If you cannot tell your friend the truth, you might as well stop calling yourself a friend. As Eleanor says, “It’s better to be alone than have a false friend.”

It may also be possible that people may speak about your friend falsely. Then it is your prerogative to stand up and defend your friend. You must be sure that you know your friend more than the others and you have a certain amount of confidence in your friendship. It may result in cold vibes for you, but you can never make everyone happy, so why not be true to your friends? After all, they are the ones you can depend upon at all times. What do you think?

Do you stand up for your friend? Would you like to share some instances with us?


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