Inspirational Mondays: Inspiring Our Friendship

Send Friendship Ecards‘Those who stand for nothing fall for anything’ – Alexander Hamilton

This week on Inspirational Mondays, let’s talk about how we can inspire our friendship and make it better.

It’s not always easy to stand by your friend. There are times when you are not sure yourself if your friend is on the right side of the line. If not, you are not sure if you should pull him out or help him to do it on his own. These are moments of doubt and sometimes of insecurity. What if your step did not yield results and you fall into the same trouble? What if your friend misunderstands you? It’s difficult to plunge into a problem that can be trespassing in personal space. Your friendship needs you to take a stand. This may be conflicting to the interests of your friend to that of yourself.

To take a stand for your friend, you need to first understand the situation and react accordingly. Try to look at the issue from your friend’s point of view. If needed, be firm with your friend. I think it’s important that you be true to your friend than be good to him. More often than not, we need someone to hold up a mirror to us and tell us the hard facts. A true friend does that. If you cannot tell your friend the truth, you might as well stop calling yourself a friend. As Eleanor says, “It’s better to be alone than have a false friend.”

It may also be possible that people may speak about your friend falsely. Then it is your prerogative to stand up and defend your friend. You must be sure that you know your friend more than the others and you have a certain amount of confidence in your friendship. It may result in cold vibes for you, but you can never make everyone happy, so why not be true to your friends? After all, they are the ones you can depend upon at all times. What do you think?

Do you stand up for your friend? Would you like to share some instances with us?


12 thoughts on “Inspirational Mondays: Inspiring Our Friendship

  1. A true friend will tell the truth, although in a subtle way at times. It does not help a friend by simply lending a hand to pull a friend out of the situation without telling the truth. Lending a hand is a temporary measure. Telling the truth will help a friend for the rest of his life.

  2. Editor Bob,
    Thank you for Inspirational Monday article on friendship. You understand and write about relations so well. That is why you are the Editor!
    I have been reading your news letters for more than a year and happened to visited your blog only recently for the first time (although your newsletter always had the link to it, I must say I kind of stumbled upon it only now). I don’t remember exactly when I started receiving your newsletters but the very first time I thought I should add this address to spam. But when I read the article decided not to do that since I loved reading that letter. I was never really that interested in reading about those dating stories of your friends, but I at least glanced through most of them and I read whenever possible because you write this stuff very softly, gently and in an interesting way.
    Thank you for sharing with you readers your pick of cards on Mardi gras, Congratulations and Friendship, including this very nice card with a cup of coffee for friends.

    Wish you a Happy Monday.

  3. Editor Bob: You said it very nicely and beautifully about friendship and friends: it’s not always easy to stand by your friend; it’s important that you be true to your friend than be good to him.
    In friendship, there will be moments of doubt. I was in a situation where I wanted to stand up for a friend and acted in a way which I thought was right at the time, but eventually ended up with myself being in a strange situation and not really helping that friend. I later realized I didn’t understand that friend’s situation very well! It was a tough call at that time. It is important to understand friend and their situation well and to communicate clearly on what we can do and if that’s the kind of help they can take.

    I agree with what you said, if you cannot tell your friend the truth, you might as well stop calling yourself a friend. Especially in some situations it is very much needed, a friend holding up a mirror to us and telling us the hard facts.

    Thank you for inspiring your readers to think about friendships.

  4. I always stand up for my friends.If they are wrong i always tell them so, but only when there is none else around.I always help them when they need me and i always feel happy with their succes.
    “Anybody can sympathize with the sufferings of a friend, but it requires a very fine nature to sympathize with a friend’s success.” .

  5. I believe that true friends are those who are not afraid to tell the truth though sometimes the truth itself might put our friendship in jeopardy. It’s a risk to take but so far, gladly, I have managed to argue and reason without losing a friends.

  6. I like to know the truth from a friend. Although it may hurt at times, I know my friend is trying to help me. I do the same to my friends too.

  7. A friend to the end. That is me. I believe that a false friendship is extremely lonely. There are too many of them. When you challenge your friendship, you are also able to see who your real friends are. In the end, if you find yourself alone, you might want to evaluate your own wrongs or ask your friend what you have done wrong? I think it’s important to offer honesty in a friendship. That is what a friendship should be based on first. Thanks for your great articles.

  8. In reality you have only one or two true friends at any given point in life. The rest are aquaintances.


  9. Editor B, What I leanrd about friendship: A truely friend to a person is to care and support the person when the person back to you for help, to think from the person’s angle, situation, yet not to control this person. Afterall all frinds grow up in different environments. We accept frinds have their own life perspective and experience. It’s hard to give a standard what is right or wrong in this world…Speaking your newsletter dating story, to me it’s like story book out of real experince. It’s free evening newspaper online of celebrites’ of your city… as long as I am not one of those I enjoy to read. Thanks for sharing! In return I often suggest your beautiful designed cards to my frinds to use.

  10. so beatiful blog..i like it…i like also 123 greetings cards site also..thanks Bob…best wishes for u…

  11. Telling and asking the truth is a key for being a true friend.
    Holding even subtle doubts gradually make gaps in the
    relationship. How and when to tell (or ask) the truth is very sensitive, too. If the person was wrong, I try to understand how the way things have been…. to stand for a friend, to know on what point I can help a friend. If a friend leaves from you for just hearing malicious rumor, that is not a friend.
    A true friend will give respect for your decision, try to understand the situation to know what help he/she needs, tell what is wrong honestly with good cares, and sympathize with your good and bad result both.

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