Countdown To The Oscars: Best Actress

Send Congrats EcardsHmm, this one’s a real cracker, because it has two of my favorite actresses- Meryl Streep and Kate Winslet. Kate Winslet got the nomination for The Reader. She’s already won the BAFTA Award for Best Actress. The Golden Globe came her way too, but for the film Revolutionary Road. Some are of the opinion, including Megan, that she got the Academy Awards nomination for the wrong film. I have a feeling that she might just win it this time after six Academy Award nominations.

Let’s come to the veteran on this list: Meryl Streep. She’s nominated for Doubt. She plays Sister Aloysius Beauvier in this movie. Merl Streep has a record number of fifteen Academy Award nominations, the highest in the history of the Academy Awards! Stupendous! She’s won it twice, the first time as Best Supporting Actress for Kramer vs. Kramer in 1979 and then, Best Actress Oscar in 1981 for Sophie’s Choice. She’s got a real chance this time as well and she has MY vote!

Angelina Jolie, Rick’s favorite, has been nominated for Clint Eastwood’s Changeling. She plays a distraught mother in this movie, whose abducted son is returned but she feels that he’s not the child she gave birth to. Angelina has won the Academy Awards in 2000 for Girl, Interrupted. A win this time may make it a handsome double for her. Kaitlin doesn’t want her to win just because she happens to be Rick’s choice. She wants Kate Winslet to win, hopefully it’s not because their names match! I mean, I have never heard Kaitlin worry about the Oscars or any movie for that matter. Another strong contender is Melissa Leo for her portrayal of a woman, bruised with abuse, to take to human smuggling in Frozen River. She has a great chance and so has Anna Hathaway for Rachel Getting Married in which she plays a substance abuser Kym, who returns to her sister when her sister Rachel is getting married.

Another tough choice friends. Who has your vote?


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