Countdown To The Oscars: Best Actor

Send Congrats EcardsThe Best Actor nominations this year are an eclectic mix. There’s this bunch of actors who are diverse, but make the list as great actors as well. Let’s begin with Rachael’s hero Brad Pitt. Rachael loves Brad Pitt and you can very well guess that this two-time Academy award nominated star is her choice for the Best Actor trophy for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. She wouldn’t listen to anyone who says he has a slim chance as compared to Sean Penn, who’s won the Best Actor in 2003 for Mystic River. This time he’s up there for his portrayal of Harvey Milk in Milk. And Adrian made it clear that he rocked big time as an openly gay San Francisco supervisor.

The dark horse here is Mickey Rourke, who’s turned in a tour de force performance in The Wrestler. I read up the plot line and liked it. It reminded me of Rocky, one of my all time favorites. Rourke has already bagged the BAFTA and the Golden Globe. So I would like to see if he makes the big one. Richard Jenkins of The Visitor has a strong chance to get the trophy this year too. This is his first Academy Award nomination. Frank Langella completes the list for his role in Frost/Nixon. He’s a Tony Award winning actor and this is his first nomination as well. But both these first-timers have a history of playing out engaging roles.

Rick wants Michael Rourke to win and Kaitlin strategically wants Brad Pitt to win! They had a huge row over this as well. Rick blamed Kaitlin for supporting Pitt but deriding Jolie because he supports her. This has set off a complex quarrel between an ordinary couple over a celebrity couple. I’m enjoying this and will really love to see what happens if one of them actually takes a trophy home! Stay tuned. This one will go down to the wire!


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