A Temporarily Insane Act!

Send Temporary Insanity Day EcardsThe voting-off on American Idol has begun and so has the voting volley. I’m dealing with two insane people, who have their own favorites and they are trying to generate votes for their favorite contestants. I’m caught in the crossfire. I have to vote for Danny Gokey if I’m to listen to Irina, and, for Adam Lambert, if I’m to side with Adrian. I told them I decided not to vote for either of them, or any of them for that matter and I was busy with my Facebook community. They believed me. Thankfully.

But that didn’t stop them. They are calling people up and trying to gather votes. Actually they are up against each other and taking this as a personal defeat or triumph! That’s insane really. But their enthusiasm is infectious. Megan has already agreed to split her votes between the two and Kate has expectedly sided with Irina. Irina could also persuade Cathy to join her team and that was a major blow to Adrian. He’s got Rick in his team but Kaitlin shut the door on him! None of this nonsense for her, thank you. Eleanor and Frank have been tapped as well. They are observing the whole episode with a lot of amusement.

Donna didn’t entertain them either. She didn’t want Ethan and Emily to neglect their studies at this point of time and get into this voting stuff. There’s some definite interest generated about the American Idol. Are you part of it? Are you going to vote for the American Idol finalists? And the question that I keep listening to: who’ll be the wild card entry?


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