Are You Into Tattoos?

Send Work EcardsThanks to the Danica Patrick photograph in the Sports Illustrated, tattoos are the talking point again. She has a tattoo that was digitally removed from her photograph in the swimsuit issue of the magazine. Sports Illustrated acknowledged doing that. Though I see no wrong in either keeping it or removing it or whatever, I suddenly found people in the office have a heated debate over the issue.

The camp was, as always, divided. Some supported it, some didn’t. The tattoo freaks feel it was an insult to the art of tattoos! Now that is stretching it a little too far, don’t you think. I mean it’s okay if you feel possessive about your body-art but the person whose snap was taken has every right to keep it or scrap it off. I was really amused to see these responsible, otherwise serious individuals, go bonkers over what I think is a trivial topic.

Are you into tattoos and body-art? Would you be comfortable flaunting them in snapshots? Write to me!


7 thoughts on “Are You Into Tattoos?

  1. I think they are kind of a statement about the person flaunting them. I personally don’t like them but can accept people who have.

  2. This is a topic that I can relate to being one who has tattoos and one who has been offended by them. If the tattoo is tasteful and in no way lewd or insulting to race, gender, religion, etc. then I see no reason for people to airbrush them out of photos. SI in my opinion removed Danica’s because it’s one commonly known as a ‘Tramp Stamp’ and that is not the reputation that SI wants. This is their business and Danica would have known before posing, that the tattoo would be removed from the photo. If I were asked to pose for a photo, knowing that the magazine was not one that wanted to offend any religion, then I would know going into the photo shoot that the cross on my back would most likely be removed, possibly even the dove since it too can be viewed in a religious manner. If I didn’t want them to be, then I wouldn’t pose for the picture. I think the people who state that this is “an insult to the art of tattoos” should allow the person who made the decision to use their body as a canvas and become the living artwork themselves, be the ones to make the decision on how & when it is or isn’t viewed.

  3. In the case of Danica Patrick, I think that if SHE decided to have it etched out for her photograph, then that is her decision. On the other hand, if SI demanded that she remove it for the shot, then that is something that I do not agree with at all! Why choose someone to be in your magazine if you don’t want ALL of them and their personal style represented in the photo?!

  4. B. I think tatoos are fine. Especially the island design from Marquissas (sp?) Even body art- paint on -like in the 60’s TV show, “Laugh In” they had plenty of people all painted up. Henna is also lovely. Not permanent like tatoos but pretty.L.

  5. I personally don’t like tattoos; looking at tattoos brings to me some strange feeling and impression on that person. I know this is kind of biased side of me and slowly getting used to seeing them as body art. I am not sure if I‘ll like it if my boyfriend decides to get one.

    But if someone wants to keep or remove tattoo from their picture, it’s their body and their choice. Why do people go crazy about it? Don’t they have any other issues to worry about? Seriously!

  6. I think tatoo is very unique body arts. It shows their originality, something very precious for them, or things
    they want to put a value in their life and cultures. We would express such themes by wearing necklaces, rings, bracelets etc. .

    Expression is different, and sometimes it would surprise people and make uncomfortable, because we don’t have it, however, themes they want to hold with tatoo would be close to the people who are not in tatoo.
    I personally won’t have tatoo, just feel it as brave art in a good sence.

    I found other traditional body paint art that is revived as modern art on white canvas’ , those are impressive and invigorous:


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