Moving In With Your Significant Other

Send Love EcardsSteelers won! Rick was extremely delighted when Santonio Holmes became the third Steelers wide receiver to win the Super Bowl MVP honor. On a micro level, his Super Bowl party was a success. We were all there. Kaitlin had turned up as well. I was curious to see how the two of them got along, because this was the first time they were meeting after Rick asked her to move in with him. All through the game, Rick was on edge, and not because of the game. He was anticipating a response from Kaitlin or even a hint or a suggestion. But nothing was coming his way. The game drew to a close and we hung out and drank some more. Rick looked a bit down because he didn’t receive any confirmation or denial from Kaitlin.

My sixth sense was working overtime though. I knew Kaitlin would not go away without saying anything on that issue. She may accept, deny or buy time. She isn’t someone who’ll put off or avoid something. I think the rest of the gang sensed that too so we slowly made our way out. Kaitlin was the last one to put on her coat. Just as we were about to step out, Kaitlin turned around. Megan and I perked up our ears in anticipation, too. Who knows we might need to do a “Rick triage”. Rick was at the far end of the room, shoulders drooped and propped against a wall, but eyes fixed on Kaitlin. Kaitlin smiled and said, “Ok, so when do you have the time to help me get my stuff in here?” We smiled and turned and said we’d help her move it, too. I see a house warming party coming up!

I just wanted to give you guys a quick update. I’m rushing off. Besides, if you’re a love bird, or in love, you’d understand it, I don’t need to spill everything out for you. I’m so proud of this incredible couple I think they’ve come a long way since those road trip days.


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