Super Bowl XLIII With Friends

Send Super Bowl Sunday EcardsThis is it! The crazy American tradition of Super Bowl Sunday is here. What better way to start off on the International Friendship Month than getting your friends together for a fun party and lots of cheering. Take a leaf off Rick’s idea book and start making those calls to gather support. No matter which team you had supported, no matter if your team is already out of the competition, you can always cheer for football. After all, the idea is to have a crazy time and as long as there’s a game on, any team is as good! Plus the commercials are great.

I love the way friends go at each other, trying to outdo the other by their knowledge of game strategy and planning. Everyone seems to have acquired a special inside scoop from the coaches or the players by which they know more about what’s going on. You think it’s just a guy thing but there are some ladies out there who are really into it too. They yell, they cuss and urge the players to do something that may be physically impossible, but in a high-tension game, there is no time for afterthought. They want the game to be as they want it to be. And I like to watch the small triumphs and tragedies that are a part of a die-hard sports fan’s life. They don’t affect the fan directly, but who said sports taught you to be selfish? Sports is a team effort and will always be.

So this Super Bowl Sunday, root for your favorite team and your favorite game! Who are you rooting for? What are your plans? Are you going to be watching the game just like us? Or you’re really not into the hype? Some answers you could write to me while you wait for the whistle to go off.

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