How to Compliment Someone

Send Compliment Day EcardsA compliment is something like a kiss through a veil,” wrote Victor Hugo. Mind gurus always tell you to compliment your fellow people because a compliment is free to give away but comes back to you with handsome returns. I know the power of compliments by watching Frank and how he earns brownie points off everyone by his habit of paying compliments generously. Even when he was only just a butcher to Eleanor, he would compliment her every now and then. Of course, he was really charming too. No one can deny that he or she doesn’t like to be complimented or appreciated. It was no different with Eleanor. Look where it has got him! But he didn’t stop at that. He still compliments her lavishly even after they’re going somewhat steady now. I have noticed him get her flowers and little token gifts on and off. Not only gifts, she compliments her when they are going out and she turns up in resplendent dignity.

I think we must take a leaf out of his book and start complimenting people we hold near to us. Even if the person is not your friend or related to you in some way, you can never miss a good gesture or a virtue. If you go out of your way and compliment that person, it’ll surely help that person remember you. Friends and folks need to be told how much we care and how much they mean to us. It’s not that they don’t know it already, but stating it will tell them that you actually notice the good things about them.

Do you compliment people often? Have you noted a change in their attitude towards you when you compliment them? Write to me.


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