How to Compliment Someone

Send Compliment Day EcardsA compliment is something like a kiss through a veil,” wrote Victor Hugo. Mind gurus always tell you to compliment your fellow people because a compliment is free to give away but comes back to you with handsome returns. I know the power of compliments by watching Frank and how he earns brownie points off everyone by his habit of paying compliments generously. Even when he was only just a butcher to Eleanor, he would compliment her every now and then. Of course, he was really charming too. No one can deny that he or she doesn’t like to be complimented or appreciated. It was no different with Eleanor. Look where it has got him! But he didn’t stop at that. He still compliments her lavishly even after they’re going somewhat steady now. I have noticed him get her flowers and little token gifts on and off. Not only gifts, she compliments her when they are going out and she turns up in resplendent dignity.

I think we must take a leaf out of his book and start complimenting people we hold near to us. Even if the person is not your friend or related to you in some way, you can never miss a good gesture or a virtue. If you go out of your way and compliment that person, it’ll surely help that person remember you. Friends and folks need to be told how much we care and how much they mean to us. It’s not that they don’t know it already, but stating it will tell them that you actually notice the good things about them.

Do you compliment people often? Have you noted a change in their attitude towards you when you compliment them? Write to me.


12 thoughts on “How to Compliment Someone

  1. B. You are right on-the best, B! That’s a compliment emailed straight to you from me. I do give compliments to people. I am sincere when I do give them, too. I always mean it. When a person may be wearing a shirt or jacket or a piece of jewelry that looks good on them , I let them now how nice it fits them. When a person says a clever phrase or word description ,I call ’em a “Clever Trevor.” When a person is helpful and thoughtful, I let them know by saying, “how sweet you are, you’re so kind.” I’m a teacher and if my students do well on a project, I compliment them by stating in class, “good innovative work, good job, keep it up.” When my neighbor’s dog , Ben, comes up to greet me while I am gardening in my yard, I scratch him under the collar and give him lots of pets. Tell him, “I love you.” You’re such a handsome fella. The town charmer.” When my nieces and nephews paint pictures with me, I compliment them on their creativity, saying, “Wow, now that’s a bright fun color you’re using.” “What a wonderful drawing of a tree.” ” Ah, your rainbow is so beautiful. So full of all the colors, that it makes me want to climb it.” “What a pretty orange red sun you’ve painted. Makes me feel sunny and warm.” “Oh, you painted a Snow Woman, now that’s really neat.” I am an artist and I do compliment people just by telling them I’d like to paint their portrait. I tell them I like their eyes or expression or the ir smile or that serious contemplative look they may give or I just plain like the way they are. They move me so much that I want to record them somehow in paint . Because I want others to see the beauty I see in them. Hey B. maybe someday I could paint you on your skateboard. What does it look like? thanks for this great blog about compliments, L.

  2. B, you are right. Compliment is powerful. It can turn hostility into friendship but mind you, some people take it for granted.

  3. good one, compliments to you too for the wonderful newsletter.

    I have a friend whom I would like to compliment for showing little gestures of kindness and thoughtfulness, it really makes you feel good when someone cares about you.

    keep writing!

  4. An occasional compliment is necessary to keep up one’s self-respect.We should also compliment our children even for the little things that they accomplish , it gives them a motive to try more and harder.

  5. Hey Editor Bob,

    There is a reader from your block, made me move my fingers on the key boards, so i’m rambling away with words, if words don’t make sense, please excuse me not… Hey B, didn’t you have a chance reading what your readers wrote on this “how to compliment s/o?”….

    I’m a a student, but in my country, some teachers hold tight to the big rullers, tap lightly on the tables or desks of the students so that the students do well on test, and obey rules in class.. … Wow! one of your readers is a teacher, kind one… and nice one too… AW! wonder what country he/she came from?

    Happy New Year. today is the first day of the Ox year… the first 3 days, our oriental women believe that we should smile and be happy, even s/o beating the … out of them, they supposed to smile and not supposed to cry….. otherwise will be bad luck for the whole year… so i better beat them women who i dislike at this time,so i ain’t hear no complaints fire back at me… wanna try? but first i must wear a helmet… haha!

    smile.. and have a wonder day too.

    reader …..

  6. Hi Editor Bob,

    Being a painter or an artist, wouldn’t you think those people truly can sweep away whose ever feet they want to… i mean! their drawing so sharp and deep that they can move someone’s soul elswhere… Maybe i should go to school and be a painter or an artist to.. Might bring more beauty into this world, especially when life gets cold sometimes…

    well, that’s only my own thoughts.. but what do i know?

    Have a wonderful time reading words from all your wonderful readers..

    thanks for reading mine too, Bob.

  7. Well its so awesome when someone gives you a compliment. It really gives you a great feeling to know that someone else cares about you even if you don’t expect anything in return.

    Have a great Day and keep up with the great work

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