Let’s Rock The Newsletter!

Send Encouragement EcardsI’ve received great comments about the newsletters. I also know that many of you are there who want to connect but do not have the time to do so. This is the time, if there is any. I want you as a reader to tell me what you think about the newsletters. I want more of your participation. Click here to join our reader community and contribute. You can also invite your friends who don’t know about the newsletter so that they are inspired to read them. I want to share my friends around the world with you so that we can get ideas and go through trials together. I have a large network, I’m sure you have a network of friends that you rely on too, so let’s make this work for the benefit of all our friends.

If you are a regular reader, you’ll know that I publish your comments and stories on and off. I want to do that in a bigger way. If you have quotes or stories you want to share with me, let me know through any of the major social networks, my blog, or the newsletter. You can reach me everywhere!

And if my newsletter really inspire you, make you laugh and cry, tell your friends and folks about it. Let them laugh and cry with you, let them be inspired. I want to meet them and hear about them from you too! A friend of mine on Facebook told me that we can never have enough friends, I agree.

Thank you all for your amazing support! Keep ’em coming!


4 thoughts on “Let’s Rock The Newsletter!

  1. B. Count me in.But for now, I am off to teach my morning drawing class, but will be back in my office at 1pm and I’ll hook up to your reader community. I’ll let you know my thoughts on some ideas for the newsletter. As well as asking some of my friends if they’d like to join. Several visted my Facebook site and noticed you were a friend and recently sent me an email asking who you were. They also asked who created your portrait. Nice work. Catch ya later, L.

  2. B. I will join your reader community. What a fine thing it is, too. It’s so exciting to be part of your Newsletter Neighborhood. I will now go into Bebo, Friendster and Facebook. The Bebo and Friendster, I have yet to load in a photo or reach friends. So here it goes! L.

  3. B. I tried to get on Bebo and Friendster but I am having a hard time. I want to be your friend on these sites, but can’t register. They keep saying I have to verify my email address. I have to get a hold of one of my computer head friends and see if they can help out. But I am spreading the word to my friends about your Newsletter and website.
    thanks, Lydia

  4. sure, Editor Bob.
    I will share your website and newsletters with my wonderful co-workers.. what a wonder world.

    giggle giggle giggle.

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