Happy Working Mother’s Day!

Send Ecards to Mom!Talk about working mothers, what do you guys think of Sarah Palin — the Republican Party nominee for Vice President? Any thoughts on whether the Republicans are going to win? Who are you going to vote for President? If she gets elected, she’s going to be the first working mother Vice President! I didn’t realize until the other day when I was talking to Donna.

And let’s not also forget about the moms who are not in the news. The moms who are meeting ends on a day-to-day basis. The moms who are working behind the scenes, the moms who have raised us and made us who we are. Here’s to all working moms!


2 thoughts on “Happy Working Mother’s Day!

  1. Bob,
    It is really not easy to be a working mom. Children are gifts from God and we have to look after them well. I am grateful to God for everything which I do my best to keep well. Life is short and every minute counts. There are compromise that we have to make at times but I know everything is in the good hands of God.

  2. I love Sarah Palin. I will definitely be voting for her & McCain. I vote Republican most of the time anyways, but she is the first political candidate that I have cared about what they had to say. Most of the time I ask my parents…”So, who are we voting for this year?” It wasn’t a big deal to me, but this year I’m interested and I think she will do an amazing job.

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