In Memorium: 9/11

Send Patriot Day EcardsIt was seven years ago that we woke up to something we never thought we would witness. I know that for me, it was a life changing experience living in New York. I’ve never seen the city change so much in one night. A lot of has happened in the world since that day, because of that day. But that day started a new beginning, a new era. You and I are part of it and the future is in our hands. We can shape it the way we want. The only way we can do that is by positive thinking.

The steel beams for the construction of the National September 11 Memorial and Museum arrived the other day. You probably know that they are planning to build the structure around the space that was occupied by the twin towers. After forty years, the same site is seeing construction again. But it’s a new generation now. Folks, I can feel the change and I think we need to welcome it. The new elections excite me, the new building excites me, I think we need that renewal of the spirit instead of getting bogged down by daily news of violence, wars, and recession.

What do you think of change? Do you think the way to a better future is to embrace change and live positively? Send in your 2 cents below!


3 thoughts on “In Memorium: 9/11

  1. I too am a New Yorker, and 9/11 will remain etched in my mind forever. There was a big after it first happened, but now Now I feel that people feel it is a big hole in the ground.
    We are due for change is positive way. The economy is bad, people are losing jobs, companies are closing down after being in business 100 years or more. This is the time for change, positive change. We need to have our moral boosted and just that change is going to has soon.

  2. I think change can be very hard, but if we open up our minds and allow change to take place, change can be an awesome thing that propels us forward. Change can also help us to let go of the past and look towards the future. With the new structure being built it will help us to let go of the horrible thing that has happened to our country and look toward a bright and positive future.

  3. Dear Bob,
    First and fore most, this is a general comment on all of your articles.Its absolutely good.It reflects a lot on human relationships,most of all natural something which happens in day to day life.Its inspiring too……Good work.

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