Visit Our Corporate Blog!

Great news people, 123Greetings just launched the corporate blog! It’s the perfect place for you folks who want to know more about the company. You’ll get the latest scoop on what’s up with 123Greetings.

You all know that 123Greetings has been making quality ecards over the years but there are many other interesting aspects mixed to this. To savor all that, you must visit the 123Greetings corporate blog.

Other than information about 123Greetings APIs on the major social network sites, we’re about to launch a whole new revamped, and redesigned 123Greetings! You can read the latest teasers and about the beta launch at the corporate blog. Click here to go there now!


One thought on “Visit Our Corporate Blog!

  1. I too am a New Yorker. Born and raised. This is my first time in blogging. Want to learn more. I also am a Herbalife Distributor servicing the entire New York area and all other states. I am hoping to use your newsletter and blog to reach out to other fellow New Yorks to share my experiences and learn of other’s experiences in health and nutrition.

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