Reconnecting Friendships

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As I wrote in the newsletter, Irina took Megan’s words to heart and tried to console with Kate. Click here to read about what happened. Megan, as you already know by now, is the wisest soul around and can be counted upon to act as peace-maker. Irina understood Megan’s point and realized her brash action has hurt Kate. Irina called up Kate and apologized and tried to patch things up. Kate didn’t really react one way or the other. She treated the call with a general lack of warmth and had apparently made an excuse of having to cook. Then on that pretext, she hung up. This behind-the-scene story was told to me by whom else, Megan. Now I am really alarmed at the way things are shaping up in this context. I just hope and pray that senses return to the two war-ladies and they get back to their ‘gal pal’ ways again. And I want that to happen soon! Stay tuned! I have a feeling you haven’t heard the last on this!

In my last newsletter, I asked you about whether you have friends that you’ve stopped talking to. How did you go about patching up? Do you have any advice for the warring parties? What should I do? Help!

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