Reconnecting Friendships

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As I wrote in the newsletter, Irina took Megan’s words to heart and tried to console with Kate. Click here to read about what happened. Megan, as you already know by now, is the wisest soul around and can be counted upon to act as peace-maker. Irina understood Megan’s point and realized her brash action has hurt Kate. Irina called up Kate and apologized and tried to patch things up. Kate didn’t really react one way or the other. She treated the call with a general lack of warmth and had apparently made an excuse of having to cook. Then on that pretext, she hung up. This behind-the-scene story was told to me by whom else, Megan. Now I am really alarmed at the way things are shaping up in this context. I just hope and pray that senses return to the two war-ladies and they get back to their ‘gal pal’ ways again. And I want that to happen soon! Stay tuned! I have a feeling you haven’t heard the last on this!

In my last newsletter, I asked you about whether you have friends that you’ve stopped talking to. How did you go about patching up? Do you have any advice for the warring parties? What should I do? Help!


7 thoughts on “Reconnecting Friendships

  1. Sometimes you can’t do anything and sometimes doing nothing is the best thing.

    Irina called and apologized. It is now in Kate’s hands. If Kate wants to continue to be a part of the group – she will get past this. It may just take a little time. If Kate wants to move away from the group – well then she will and you can’t do anything about it.

    The best advice for you is to stay out of it. Let them work it out. Putting yourself in to it -just makes you a target. Don’t take anyone’s side – even if you believe one of them is right and not the other.

    Group gathers may continue with a few awkward moments at first – but before long, it will all melt away. Women are emotional but eventually reason will take over and they will be fine.

  2. Good intentions are great, Bob, but if the friendship wasn’t strong in the beginning, sometimes it’s better to leave well enough alone. In the case of Kate and Irina, I think they need some water to go under the bridge. They say, “Time Heals All Wounds!” Hopefully, if they can remain civil to each other, they will still have a chance to set things right, but rushing or forcing things sometimes are not the answer. I commend Megan for being a peacemaker though! Kudos to her! :o)

  3. It is not easy to patch up. Time is always the best healing factor. It may take a special incidence when the 2 parties gain more understanding of each other, e.g., through work, games, etc. Working situation could be too serious at times. It may take a more relaxing situation for the 2 to shake hands and be friends again.

  4. Being the “New Kid on the block” I had to tell you how much I enjoyed your stories…Your party brought back some wonderful memories…That was our kind of party….And our kind of friends….Relax…there is one in every crowd…either they get back to being a great friend OR later in life they realise what they have lost.
    Keep up the good work. You won’t get rid of me…I will enjoy life thru your friends….My three best friends all passed away at a too young age….
    Evie G

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