Becoming A Better Boss

Being a boss is not easy! It may look like that he or she is having all the fun and perks but in reality, it is not like that. An ideal boss actually plays an important role to shape our career and paves the way for growth. Steve was here last night at my place and we were enjoying some noodles and soup.

“You know Bob, being in the shoes of a boss is quite challenging. While my team members look up to me, I somewhere always want them to have faith in me. I want to be better and ace it! How can I do that?” He asked.

Boss’s Day is here and it is the perfect time to talk about it! “I am so glad that you are opening yourself up to get better! Let me share with you these four ways in which you can try and achieve what you are looking for!” I said and shared with him the following four ways:

  • Rightly Encouraging and Inspiring – It is always not just about motivating and asking your employees to do better. It is encouraging them to take up a new task. It is letting them know that even the mistakes would lead to something constructive. Right or wrong, you always got their back. This way it helps to build the confidence of the team members and they also grow beyond their own expectations.
  • Giving Honest Feedback – Whatever it is, small or big – always share your feedback. It leaves scope for improvement and the employee feels that he or she is not unnoticed. It boosts their morale and pushes them to work harder. Appreciation on the other hand adds to the feel-good factor.
  • Being Approachable – It is very important that they can easily approach you for work. There should not be any hesitation from their end. They should know that they can fall back on you as a guide and mentor. It strengthens the relationship between the employer and the employee.
  • Bringing Fun At Work – Make sure to add a dose of fun to the work environment. It should not be all about work and too many cups of coffee. There should be frequent breaks and activities to help them relax. Team outings or some group activities are a must to let the bond grow.

“Wow! Honestly, I feel that following these ways will make things smoother and I will turn into a better boss than what I am today. Thank You so much, Bob!” Steve replied and we enjoyed the rest of the evening with good food.

An ideal boss is one who believes in moving ahead and growing together as a team. He is a true mentor! He is there to motivate us during failures and celebrate at the time of our achievements. He genuinely believes in the well-being of his employees. It’s a great blessing to have such a boss!

Follow the above four ways to become the better boss! Shout out and Happy Boss’s Day to all the bosses!

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