Another Chance With Aaliyah

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How are ya’ll doing? Lots of ups and downs from my end–I’m just really lucky to have old friends like Adrian and Megan, and meeting new friends who empower me like Fred. Why do I need all these friends? Well, I’m going through what feels like hell, that’s why…

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Aaliyah wanted me to drop her off the airport so I borrowed one of Rick’s cars and picked her up at her place. I was a couple of minutes late and she was worried, “What happened to you? I was just about to call a cab!” She was furious. Her suitcases were already on the pavement right outside her brownstone. “I’m sorry, Aali… I was stuck in traffic.” It was the best excuse I could come up with, but she knew it wasn’t the truth. She just sighed and muttered, “Same old Bob.” She wheeled her suitcases to the car, and I helped her put them in the trunk.

Our whole journey out to LaGuardia was eerily quiet. We didn’t really talk. It was awkward. We both knew we might not see each other for a very long time, maybe even forever. She was worried about airport security and catching her flight on time. I didn’t want her leaving, wanted to start over, patch things up–but things were out of my hands. Then Aaliyah said, “Bob, I really appreciate you dropping me off. I wouldn’t have let just anyone do it. I’m sorry I lost it for a moment back home.”

“Oh, don’t worry about it. Traveling is stressful. I understand,” I’m out of words when I need them most. “It’s not that,” she retorted, “I was hoping we’d get a bit more time.” But time ran out, and we were beyond the point of return. I knew there was no reset button on this one. We got into the airport and I helped her with her suitcases. I turned back and she jumped and hugged me, teary-eyed. She gave me a kiss on my cheek and said, “Thank you… for everything.”

I faked a smile and said, “No, thank YOU for the ride,” I really didn’t know what else to say. She got her cases and headed into the airport. “BON VOYAGE!” I cried out. She turned back and smiled at me then disappeared into the crowd at the terminal.

Beer Can Appreciation Day [Jan 24]

I got back into the car and all I wanted to do was go home and have drinks. I felt really bitter about it all. I know I promised not to be negative but I can’t help feeling hurt and angry. The person whom I thought was “THE ONE” just walked into some airport terminal and who knows whether I’m ever going to see her again. I tried tuning the radio to drown out my thoughts and concentrate on my driving until that James Blunt song came on. Traffic couldn’t move fast enough. I turned off the radio and listened to one of the CDs Rick left–whatever it was it was working because it was noise and it was loud. I have to really thank Rick for always installing nice speakers!

Other things I really appreciate are beer cans. I got home and I didn’t have any hard stuff. Of course I didn’t! Where’s the stuff when you REALLY need it?! At least I had a couple of beers left in the fridge and I finished them off pretty quickly. They were leftovers from my BYOB parties. So I had an assortment of beers. Did you know that there are people who collect the cans and bottles? Maybe you have your own collection. These collectors actually make money selling them on ebay! I mean talk about a hobby.

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Of course beer wasn’t enough, so I headed out to my local pub. I love this bar. Every guy needs a local pub and mine’s a Guinness one where they serve ice cold draught beer straight out the tap. I know you can get that in every bar, but when you’re really in need of a cold one, you really appreciate that they are there!

So I walked into the pub and there’s this redhead sitting at the bar all by herself. I was in the mood to talk to someone so I told Pete, the bartender in a volume she’d hear, “I’ll have what the lady’s having, and get another one for her.” Then I walked over to her. “Hey there tiger,” she greeted. She was drinking Irish Coffee–good thing it wasn’t one of them ‘mind eraser’ cocktails–not that I’d have minded at that point. We struck up a conversation about Irish Coffee and traveling. I told her that I had just dropped my ex off at the airport. It was just really ironic that Irish Coffee was originally concocted for travelers who were weary of their 18 hour flights on the seaplane plus a chilling boat ride!

I don’t know whether it was our chemistry or the chemistry of the Irish Coffee, but we moved from the bar to my favorite corner table. I love this bar because it has great ambience. It’s all wood paneling and it feels like a tavern, a real pub in Ireland. I thought we hit it off well, so I asked her out right away. Enough of sulking for me! I invited her to Megan’s birthday party at a lounge that we’re meeting at, later this week.


Oh ya, I didn’t tell you guys yet. Megan’s birthday is on Monday, but we’re going to celebrate it early starting Friday! The whole gang is going to a lounge down the street, another one of my favorite hangouts. Now, I won’t embarrass Megan and tell everyone her age! Let’s just say, she’s in her mid twenties now. Megan’s a real sweetheart.

She’s one of those friends that you need to have in life. And she’s always there for you no matter which part of life you’re passing through. She can hang with your guy friends and she would definitely listen to whatever crappy ideas you come up with. I haven’t decided what to get her yet. Besides, I want it to be a surprise. Don’t worry I’ll tell you guys all about it next week after she gets her present!

Well, that’s all that we have time for today. This week’s quote comes, interestingly enough, a writer who visited a lot of pubs during his lifetime! He’s also Irish. Brendon Francis Behan said, “A man is already halfway in love with any woman who listens to him.” I think I may already be falling in love with Kaitlin, the redhead!

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