Adoring The Different Love Languages This Valentine’s Day

The week before Valentine’s Day Aaliyah and I decided to go on a double date with Adrian and May. We reached a little early and so ordered a glass of juice to start with. My phone beeped. It was a message from Adrian. “Sorry we are running a little late… will be there in ten.” They finally arrived.

Once they settled we could feel that something was out of place. While both of them were sweet to us, they were hardly talking to each other. “What’s the matter? Did you guys fight again?” I asked.

“Ask her. Nothing new!” Replied Adrian pointing at May. “Oh, how easy it is to shift the blame on me like every time,” Expressed May.

“Now will someone tell me what went wrong?” I asked.

“Bob, I gifted her a pendant for Valentine’s Day and have arranged a small get-together at my place with you all. Now she wants to spend time with me alone and so she is upset,” said Adrian.

“Yes, Bob! We hardly get some alone time owing to our work. I want us to have quality time and cook, watch movies, play his favorite game. I wanted it to be an intimate affair rather than a huge celebration. Is it too much to ask for? To me, it’s the experience that matters rather than gifts or celebrations!” Expressed May.

There was silence at the table. Our food arrived. “Adrian and May I have something to tell you before this year’s Valentine’s Day! Different individuals have different love languages and gestures. The other person may not always fathom the thought behind it. However, we should know that all that they do is out of pure love. Then you will see how your perspective changes!” I expressed.

Both of them nodded. “Like for me eating healthy and incorporating that habit with herbal tea and a fiber-rich diet is a way to express love and care for Bob. And, for him making rich creamy coffee and reading out lines from his favorite poem is a way to express his love,” said, Aaliyah.

Both of them smiled. “We got your point. Now I know how to deal with our respective love languages!” Said May.

“Yes, thank you so much, Bob and Aaliyah. It is much easier to understand and solve now!” Said, Adrian. The rest of the afternoon was followed by munching on great food, banters, and some cheesy romantic clicks.

Mushy, quiet, practical, opposite- let me know how different you are from your partner in expressing love! Also, Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!


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