A Single Act Of Kindness

How often do you help an old lady to carry her load from the grocery store? How many times have you given away a belonging which is close to your heart just to make someone smile? Have you ever sacrificed something to light up someone else’s life? Have you ever stepped back a little just to see someone else happier? Have you been kind to anyone lately?

Last week while we were returning from work, Donna and I were taking a walk at Central Park. With our ice cream cones in hand, I could observe her doing some calculations in mind. “What are you calculating?” I asked. “Bob, I am arranging a few activities in an old age home nearby. So calculating and coordinating a few things,” she replied.  When she broke this news to me I couldn’t help but be a part of it.

“You know, I have seen them talking about old memories of how they used to celebrate different occasions with their families. Away from their near and dear ones, the elderly people miss the personal touch in their day to day lives. I can see it in their eyes. I want them to relive that again,” Donna expressed. hello

World Kindness Day is here! An act of kindness and love can genuinely make a difference in others’ life. We are going to visit the place and surprise them with homemade food for lunch which will be followed by a musical evening. “I hope they like it and it makes them genuinely happy,” she said. “I am sure it will. We will do every bit to make them have a nice time that they will cherish,” I replied.

While we were walking back a thought came to my mind. I shared it with Donna. “You know, I swear by the belief that whatever good we sow in the universe be it a thought, an intent, an effort or an action it comes back to us manifold. Such is the beauty of life,” I expressed. “Yes Bob, I feel that way too. Kindness has a boomerang effect and benefits the giver as well,” she added. We both are really looking forward to this day.

Be kind to everyone. Amidst all the day to day challenges and endurance, a single act of kindness can create a serene and happy environment. Leading to positive emotions, it can heal scars. It can illuminate someone’s life and give new hopes. It can encourage others to spread happiness and make the world a better place to live in. Let us do that and keep the essence of humanity alive.

Share how you have been kind to someone lately and got a smile on someone’s face and an even bigger on yours!

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