A Happy Cheat Day!

It was Sunday! I woke up to the irresistible aroma of chocolate. Some baking was on! I quickly freshened up and went to the kitchen. “Good morning, my love!” I said. “Morning, Bob! Here’s your coffee with some freshly baked cookies!” Greeted Aaliyah. Chocolate chip cookies, sandwich cookies, peanut butter cookies, and macaroons! Cookie Month it is! All are my favorite! I didn’t know which one to eat first!

Country music in the background, coffee, and delicious cookies! What a beautiful start to the day! “You Go Girl! You simply know how to brighten up the day!” I expressed. Aaliyah smiled and joined in with her cup of creamy coffee.

My phone rang! It was from Kate! “Bob, how have you been? What’s up with the two of you?” She asked. “Currently, both Aaliyah and I are enjoying some cookies and creamy coffee along with good music!” I answered.

“What? So much of calories! Are you both not on a healthy diet? What is all this then?” She asked. The phone was on speaker! Both Aaliyah and I laughed. “Yes we are but today is Sunday! Our cheat day!” Replied Aaliyah.

“I so want to do the same! But I stop myself from such cravings!” Kate expressed.

“Don’t do that! A good diet is for us to stay healthy. But, the guilty pleasures uplift our mood and promote both our physical and mental well-being. So don’t be so strict with yourself! Once in a while, a cheat day is good and desirable!” I expressed.

“It feels so good to hear this! I’ll follow this then!” She expressed. “Go ahead and do that! And remember what they say: ‘Count the memories but not the calories’!” We laughed! “Sure! I’ll do that from now!” She replied and then hung up.

Then, Aaliyah and I enjoyed the day with our movie marathon and special cheat day menu!

Be a little lenient with yourself and enjoy the leeway! Drop the ‘dos and don’ts’ at times! Life is not meant to be lived on such rules! Do what your heart says! Let your heart whisper and guide you through the little joys of life!

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