A Dose of Laughter!

There are days when things get a little overwhelming even though there has not been a major reason for it. It feels like we should take a couple of hours off and de-stress just to bounce back. Last evening I returned home and was feeling a bit low. Aaliyah was not at home. I made myself a mojito and sat beside Kong to give him a belly rub.

My phone beeped and I read the notification. It was a joke and I had a good laugh! A thought came to my mind. When was the last time I sat and watched a comedy movie or a funny show alone? Well, it had been quite some time so I decided to watch a nice show. I started watching the episodes of Friends. I also watched a standup comedy while preparing myself dinner.

They say laughter is the best medicine! Well, it seriously is! A dose of laughter coupled with some ‘me time’, made my evening great.

Laugh Week is here! It’s not just one day or week but every day, we should laugh a little more! Let me share why:

  • Reduces stress – It helps to reduce the stress that we start accumulating due to the day-to-day challenges and responsibilities. It lowers the stress hormone cortisol in our bloodstream. As a result, it helps to unwind and we feel relaxed and happy!
  • Helps to Combat Difficult Situations – Laughing helps to soothe the feelings of anger, pain and helps to face any situation with optimism and hope. A little laugh helps to divert our mind from the pain or worries and fills us with strength that says ‘this too shall pass’.
  • Improves overall health – Adding humor in our daily lives helps in better blood flow, increases antibodies in the body, helps to breathe better, aids digestion, helps to reduce the sensation of pain, and promotes better sleep. So here it is – the leading medicine!

For all these reasons, I have decided to laugh more. Besides, laughter is contagious and spreads joy around! We feel better, we look confident, and shine throughout the day. Therefore, now you see why you should laugh more?

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