90th Birthday Celebration In The Elder Care Home With Glow Of Countless Candles & Hint Of Dried Up Tears

123Greetings team along with my friends decided to visit the elder care home after we heard from one of our user, Ron, who had been sending online greetings since 8 years to his family members who lived two blocks away and hardly had time to visit him.

He wanted to celebrate his friend’s 90th birthday in a special way. He wrote to us and we decided to take it up in a unique way. He said his friend was suffering from a terminal illness; his grown-up children were too occupied in scraping a living and the visits had become too less. His friend had stopped eating lately and his sleep pattern had changed and had become reclusive.

He wanted to see his friend enjoy, laugh and celebrate the moments he had and not embrace the end before its time.

There were only a few inmates who were in the condition to be a part of the celebration. Most of them had taken to bed. His concern was, who would come for the party, he was expecting only 2 or 3 housemates.

We decided to spread the word around and sent our surprise party theme invitation to our team members and friends inviting them to this special party of our 90 years old birthday boy. We also got in touch with his relatives and friends, unfortunately his son and daughter-in-law were on a vacation to LA and his daughter was preoccupied, however his grandson was excited and confirmed his presence. We sent out the messages to everyone, “You don’t have to bring in a gift, just your presence would mean a lot.” The response was overwhelming, more than 50 people attended. It seems like internet birthday parties are officially a thing, and we could not be happier about it.

We were misty-eyed when he covered his face to hide his tears. He was overawed when he saw the colorful balloons and capers and so many guests with birthday hats clapping and singing for him, showering him with wishes and love.

The 90th birthday bash totally rocked and we haven’t seen so many candles glow together spreading the effervescent radiance within and without. We saw hint of dried tears on the faces of guests present there. He hugged each of us and thanked his grandson to have made it.

We remain grateful to our special friend Ron for giving us the opportunity to be a part of this memorable and joyful event that has given us a new purpose and perspective about love that reaches beyond home and friendship that stands as an apology from life for all the perceived misgivings.

Let’s share our experiences of life which have left a mark in our hearts.

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