Create A Blueprint Of Your Dreams This Summer!

Have you ever read your own journal backwards and got surprised by the exactness with which the scrawls come true? I was in awe when I flipped the pages of my journal and realized it was a blueprint of my life lived until now. The one who lives is the one who designs it. So strange is this maxim that it takes time to gulp it all down in one go.

I suggest sip an Americano, ink in your life’s blueprint and kick off the creeping disbelief. Live the magic. Else you’ll miss out a lot of green in your life.

When I was a teenager I used to dabble in the embarrassing and gloomy stuffs that happened with me and when I went back to it I felt depressed so finally I got rid of it.

Now I know it’s not revisited unless we want to recognize the lessons hidden in the precarious moments. I call it ‘the trash bin activity’ which we need in times we want to vent out and let go. We save ourselves from unleashing the sorrows on our oblivious folks. But it is not the true essence logging in a journal. I recommend to journal in a way which can uplift and give direction.

The way we record our thoughts can accelerate our personal development. It helped me gain a better perspective on life. I filled light in my life by learning to look at the brighter aspects of the days spent. It is like a treasure hunt of happy and grateful moments which hide beneath the layers of trials that we face. Snide remarks, unfinished work, unexpected breakdowns all have a place in my journal but in the form of lessons that will propel me to bounce forward.

I thought of sharing the ways of maintaining a positive journal with you here, to cheer you up and fill your days with unlimited joy.

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I urge you to create a map of your life goals this summer.

So here’s my daily drill, you could create your own based upon your life experiences and inspiration.

1.Map yourself in your life path today

2.Write one best thing that happened to you today.

3.Follow the traffic lights rule and jot down one thing you must stop doing, one thing you must continue doing and one thing you must start doing.

4.Remind yourself of the grateful moments and note them down in your journal.

5.Indulge in an inner dialogue with self, write down the question and hold the pen in your subdominant hand and scribble the answer spontaneously in the childlike doodle.

6.Write down a lesson you learnt on this day.

Be filled with gratitude and remember the inner potential you have to get whatever you set your eyes upon. Connect with your loved ones. Send them a bunch of inspirational, fun and love greetings online.

Share your #JournalofJoy and how you create a blueprint of your dreams.

Love & Joy,
Editor Bob

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