10 Ways To Detoxify Your Mind!

Today, the blankness of the paper is mirroring my mind. I just got up from my meditation and reading regime. Aaliyah has replaced my morning cup of Java with celery and cucumber juice. She is obsessed with detoxifying our diet and nutrition these days. She has mastered making smoothies, which is not so smooth by the way. My friends are dreading coming to the house for Black Friday Weekend because instead of chilled beer, they will be consuming veggies and crushed grass. Aaliyah is on the wagon and encourages us all to give up alcohol.

However, I am on another kind of detox lately. I am cleaning my mind of all the beliefs, unfinished business, grudges, unrealized dreams, so on and so forth. You must be wondering about my plan for mental detoxification?

Thank You And May God Bless You!

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Here it is! I believe the only thing that is fairly in our control is our thoughts. This mental chatter is what holds the steering wheel of our life. So, I like to dust my mind and get rid of the traces of negativity.

  1. Every morning I open my eyes and indulge in a ritual of saying a prayer of gratitude to the Universal power.
  2. I enlist at least 3 things I wake up to for which I am truly thankful.
  3. When the thoughts become uncontrollable, I write them down on a paper and in the end I tear the paper and throw it in the garbage. It somehow helps me align myself to the most important things in my life.
  4. When I find myself obsessing about something, I intentionally surrender it to God with a prayer and an acceptance and the belief of que será, será… whatever is meant to be will be.
  5. I enlist my strengths to counter every weakness that my mind draws my attention to.
  6. I share.
  7. I acknowledge the presence of my friends and folks, by letting them know how glad and grateful I am to have them in my life.
  8. I meditate and plug in to all the things that make me light and happy. I read quotes and positive words of leaders every day.
  9. I let go of being the judge. I let go of seeing things as black or white, right or wrong.
  10. Just before I end my day, I kiss Aaliyah good night and together we say a short prayer to thank the Lord for the bounties present in our lives.

These little things help me cleanse my mind of all the clutter and makes me peaceful.

Do share your ways to empty your mind of the unwanted. See you in the comments.


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